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They weren't treated humanely, or even humanly; that is the whole point. According to Nazi ideas, Jews, Gypsies and various others were "untermenschen", that is sub-human. Thus, according to the Nazis, those people could be eliminated. Simply kill them all so that Germans can have their land. It was no different from the way you would kill rats in your attic. They were simply "in the way" and had no more right to live than any other vermin. During the Holocaust Jews and Gypsies were not treated humanely. They were used for cruel experiments and were the Nazis answer for having their own way. The Nazis to me are cruel and cold-hearted people who were so focused on expanding their own land, as well as more money, that they laboured the poor prisoners to death.

I have MET someone who lived through the Holocaust and survived to tell of his horrors. I have TALKED to him. Not only me, my whole yeargroup has. He comes every year to talk about his experience. Do you really think it's all fake? I have read and heard from the "Old and Bold" that the Germans were relatively good "hosts" as far as British and American POWs were concerned. I have only ever met one man who was captured by the Japanese and his stories were horrific. German treatment of Russian prisoners was a lot worse than that of other Allied soldiers by all accounts. Treatment of POWs should not however be confused with the camps that were set up to carry out the "Final Solution" or extermination of Jews and gypsies and others. As pleasant as it would be to pretend this did not take place, as many have and will continue to do, this is unfortunately not the case. There have been attempts to ascribe the millions of dead and disappeared to Allied war damage and Zionist conspiracies, which is probably why a question as naive as this can be actually be posed. The Nazis not only conducted horrible experiments on Jews and Gypsies, but also on twins, triplets, homosexuals, etc. No human being should be treated this way. Who knows what these people had to endure behind closed doors? I shudder to think about it. Those who were used for experiments were often kept alive to be used for further experiments. You've seen the photographs of huge mass graves, piles of skeletal bodies, the photos of families with Stars of David pinned to their shirts, being marched out of their homes at gunpoint, the photos of Nazi soldiers pointing their rifles at mere children as they cried and begged for their lives. Go speak with one of the few surviving members of say, the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne - some of the people who helped to liberate people that were at these death camps. Try to ask THEM if the Holocaust never happened. I used to live in Germany and was fortunate enough (for a life-lesson to me) to visit Dachau. There were no movie theatres or Swimming Pools. There were however, ovens. Big ovens that were used to burn the remains of the people murdered. There was still the stench of burnt flesh emanating from the walls. This was in the mid-80's, some 40+ years after this was "over." I'm sorry this is so graphic, but apparently some people are still trying to somehow make that experience into some dumbed-down version of what really went on there. The birds, to that day, still did not fly anywhere near the remains of the camp. You can't dignify this question with a response. My Grandfather, a member of the British army, was involved in the liberation of Jews from concentration camps. He was traumatised by the way in which Jews and Gypsies were 'processed' in a 'production line' like manner. First being stripped of their families, then of their possessions, their dignity, their health, and finally of their life. And that was if they were lucky! As many of the other writers have stated, numerous Jews and Gypsies faced a far more traumatic, macabre fate.

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Q: During the Holocaust were the Jews and Gypsies treated humanely?
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