During the average congressional session approximately how many bills are introduced?

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Answer 11,673 bills per session averaged over 53 years
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Define Congressional Session?

A congressional session describes the period for which the Americanfederal legislature convenes. Furthermore they are also specialCongressional sessions, such as the emergency convening of thelegislature.

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What is the average size of a congressional staff?

Well, to date, the size of congressional staff is approx. 24,000 Members in size. . Personal Staff - who work for individual Members of Congress--11,692 . Committee Staff - who work for either the majority or minority on congressional committees--2,492 . Leadership Staff - who work for the Sp ( Full Answer )

How many bills have been introduced to congress?

About 10,000 bills per session have been introduced to congress in the past fifty years. There have been 111 Congressional sessions so far, about one every two years. Since the United States Constitution went in effect on March 4th, 1789, Congress's first full year of action was 1790. It has, theref ( Full Answer )

How is a bill introduced?

Any member can introduce a bill by placing it in the hopper. The bill is then assigned a number as long as it is written in proper form.

How many congressional districs does PA have?

The state of Pennsylvania has 18 congressional districts. There are435 congressional district throughout the entire United States.California has the most.

If a bill passes both the House and the Senate and goes to the President during the annual session of Congress but the President doesn't sign it what happens to the bill?

After a period of ten days (not including Sundays), the bill becomes law, unless the President vetoes it and returns it to Congress. If the President does not sign the bill within 10 days, it becomes law without his signature. If Congress is adjourned, and bill return is not possible, then the presi ( Full Answer )

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Who introduces a bill?

In most parliaments the executive introduces legislation but some countries have time where private members can introduce bills for debate and voting. If you want an answer regarding a specific country's legislature please be specific in your questions.

When does a congressional session begin?

Each session of Congress begins on January 3 of each year. Thereare two sessions in each Congressional term. Each new sessionbegins in odd-numbered years.

How are bills introduced?

In the House, any member may introduce a bill by dropping it into a box, called a hopper. In the Senate, a member may introduce a bill after being recognized by the presiding officer and announcing the bill's introduction. (Bills dealing with raising money must originate in the House of Representati ( Full Answer )

At what level are Congressional bills amended?

Congressional bills may be amended until a final vote by the Congress that sends it to the President for his signature. If the President vetoes the legislation, Congress may amend it further, or vote to override the veto.

How many bills were introduced in the us congress in the last 2 years?

According to the text from American Government, Roots and reform, Texas Edition (2009), the 110th Congress was presented with 10,000 bills. Of that number, fewer than 5 percent were made into law. Chapter 7, secton heading Law making function of Congress, page 257, top paragraph

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Record of all congressional bills?

The record of all Congressional bills is in the CongressionalRegister. It is published daily by the General Accounting Office.

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When did congressional sessions begin?

In 1933 Congressional session started commencing in January. Prior to that year, sessions usually began in the fall (December mostly) and usually adjourned by summer (March mostly).

Who controlled the south during congressional reconstruction?

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