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presidential primaries in the party out of power

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During the nomination process political battles are most likely to occur in what forum?

The modern nomination process includes several primary elections and the nomination is usually wrapped up before the convention. The candidates campaign for these elections by making speeches, making statements to the press and sometimes by a debate with the other candidates. Everything they say of note is reported to the nation, so their differences become public knowledge. Of course, if the nomination is still open at the convention, there would be major battles there, mostly behind the scenes.

How did the style of politics change during the age of Andrew Jackson?

A.) He formalized the process and created nomination conventions. B.) He eliminated the 2 party system. C.) He established the first political parties as the Republicans and Whigs.

How much were women excluded from the political process during Blackwell's lifetime?

During Blackwell's lifetime, women had no collective representation

What did Athens provide during the fight against the Persians?

It contributed a fleet during the sea battles, and an army during the land battles.

During which war was The Battles of Lexington and Concord fought?

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought during the American Revolutionary war. They were the first battles of the war and were fought on April 19, 1775.

How many battles in the civil war were fought in Virginia?

There were 7 battles fought in Virginia in 1861. There were 29 battles fought in Virginia during 1862. Eighteen battles were fought on Virginia soil in 1863. A total of 46 battles were fought in Virginia in 1964. Virginia saw 17 battled during 1865. In total 110 battles were fought in Virginia during the Civil War.

What are swords used for?

Primarily they were used for defense and offense whether during war or personal battles. Today, they are mostly used as symbolisms for parades, as well as political and social events.

Did people watch the battles during the Revolutionary War?

Sometimes people watched or saw battles during the Revolutionary War. This is because the battles were often fought on the home front, right by peoples' homes.

Were there any civil war battles in Massachusetts?

No battles were fought in Massachusetts during the Civil War .

How many battles occurred during the Civil War?

There were 50 battles fought during the Civil War that were considered major battles. In addition to these, another 5,000 minor battles took place. The total number of soldiers that died on the two sides was approximately 620,000.

How many battles did the union win during the civil war?

The union won about 219 battles out of hundreds of battles in the Civil War from 1861-1865.

Were there any naval battles during the US Civil War?

Yes, there were naval battles; in fact, the first ironclad ships were invented during the Civil War.

During the entire war most battles were fought-?

During war, most battles are usually fought by the foot soldiers who are usually under the guidance of the commanders.

How many battles are there in the American Civil War?

It's hard to say the exact amount of battles that there was during the Civil War. Although it is said to be that there was about 55 major battles and over 5,000 minor battles!

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