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Composers from the late 1700s to early 1900s wrote music that had emotions, imagery, and nationalism. What I mean is that before this time, there was only major (happy), and minor (sad or serious) tones to songs, like in the Baroque ad Classical eras. They say Beethoven was the first Romantic Composer because he put the emotion of "Anger" in a some of his pieces, something never done before. Romantic Composers liked to put extreme emotions like anger, anguish, or extreme happiness in some of their songs. Just to also make known, Symphonie Fantastique (premiered 1830) by Berlioz was considered very contraversal because of the tones he had in it, and it was one of the first songs to ever have a STORY to go along with it.

Imagery used was when a composer could have been inspired by something like a place, or an event, and they would write music that would imitate or remind the listener of that thing. An example of a piece would be Respighi's Fountains of Rome. He was inspired to make music about Rome, and made a piece of music for each of 4 famous fountains found in that city. He was a late Romantic composer, and made this piece 1916-1917.

Last is the nationalism that was sweeping through all the composers during this time and even before. Composers of different countries would make music to show their pride in their country and culture (Hence, Respighi, an Italian composer, treated Rome as a part of his culture he could off to the world). Some would even go to other countries to copy that other country's culture (For example, a Russian composer going purposely to Finland to write a song or two about it). Every composer had their own style, but it was always important to do something for their country.

All these characteristics made Romantic Era music made very interesting to listen to, to imagine what the composer wanted you to imagine.

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What did composers try to express during the Romantic period in music?

Feelings and emotion.

Composers during the Romantic period used music to express?

emotion and feeling

Who are the famous composers of piano music of the romantic period?


What composers did not write during the Romantic period?


Chopin was one of the greatest composers of the?

...Romantic Period of classical music.

What were most composers during the Romantic period?

Independent business persons, earning their living by performing music, writing music for specific occasions and commissions, and collecting royalties on published music.

What factors contributed to the rise of nationalistic music during the romantic period?

The rise of vernacular literature inspired composers to make music that represented native styles instead of imitating Paris or Vienna. Thus, we find Eastern European folk melodies in classical music of the Romantic Period.

For whom did the Romantic period composers write their music?

they wrote their music for themselves. they wrote about their countries challenges politics and history.

What style of music during the Modern period was a continuation of the previous period of music?

the romantic period

What style of music during the modern period was a continuation of a previous period of music?

Romantic Period

What are facts about the romantic period of music?

1. The Romantic era produced many more composers music that is still popular today. 2. It started in 1820 and ended in 1900. 3. Beethoven was one of the most popular composers then.

What is the romantic period about?

The Romantic period of music is after the Classical period. Its approximate years are 1800-1920. A striking feature in this period was increasing music nationalism. Until then classical music were dominated by a few countries including Germany, France and Italy. Dvorak, Chopin, Smetana and Sibelius are among the Romantic composers from across the globe.

What style of music during the Modern period was a continuation of the previous period?

romantic period

What music period did Chaikovsky live in?

Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer who worked during music's Romantic period. He lived from 1840 to 1893 and was part of a generation of Russian composers writing "nationalist" music, i.e., music that featured distinctively Russian characteristics

What was music like in the Romantic period?

Romantic period music had many emotions including patriotic feelings. Composers such as Franz Peter Schubert, Robert Schumann, Frédéric François Chopin, Johann Strauss II, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi, Wilhelm Richard Wagner were popular during this period.

What type of music was during the Industrial Revolution?

Well, I'm doing a project during the Industrial Revolution, and it during the Romantic Period with composers like Franz Lidst and Chopin, so if you look them up you could find the answer

When was the romantic period in music?

the romantic period for music, was around 1815 to 1910 :)

Which of these words best describes the music of the Romantic period?

You did not give us the words, but here's a suggestion. The Romantic period was the era of such great classical composers as Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Schubert, and Chopin. Some words to describe the music of this period would be innovative, creative, and emotional.

Composers of romantic music 1820-1900?


During the baroque period did composers show an interest in the music of other cultures?


Famous composer the founder of romantic period?

Ludwig van Beethoven did a lot for the Romantic period in music, after him the Romantic period settled with great composers in Germany, Austria and France. Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner and Gustav Mahler, the French with leading composer Hector Berlioz.

What music era was Johannes Brahms from?

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) was one of the leading composers of the Romantic period - a period of music generally seen as lasting between c. 1800 and c. 1910.

Did Sergei Rachmaninoff live during the Romantic Period of music?

yes he did indeedhe was one of the last "greatest champions" of European romantic musicRachmaninoff was one of the last great Russian romantic composers.he was one of the most influential pianists of the centuryhe's a great composer!he was born in 1873 and died in 1943Better AnswerIn the early part of his life, yes. The later part of his life was more in the Modern period of music.

How did Giuseppe Verdi's music influence culture?

influenced romantic composers

How long did the Romantic period last Some say 1798-1832 and some say 1820-1910?

There is a difference between the Romantic period in literature and in music. The Romantic period in literature is usually dated earlier than that of literature. The dating of periods is frequently a contentious issue, as periods are typically labelled retroactively. Concerning music, the latter period you stated (1820-1910) is the better answer, as many Romantic composers were active during that time (e.g. Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov)