Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse can your fans really talk to you?

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Cole and Dylan have have aim accounts that they occasionally sign in to and talk to fans: Cole: ColeMSprouse Dylan: DylanTSprouse Note: Anyone can post on this and it is doubtful that the below listed Aim actually belongs to one of the Sprouse twins. ------------------------- 46suitelifeboi49

NO he is single. I talk to him all the time

maybe but no for me because they are famous and have things to do

He is shorter than cole Sprouse. Iv'e met the whole cast of suite life on deck! they are all really nice and i know Dylan's bff, Alex and i got to talk to Dylan on the phone!!! He is awesome and so is his bff, Alex!!!

Yes,Just because their actors they'll talk to her-Kristobal,Catlyyn

No, not really. He doesn't get on to Twitter that often. But, when he does, he sometimes has a Twitter party, and he talks to his fans. C:

Well... I don't think so, I am not famous or enything like him so I will probally never meat him. I also think he is too busy to talk to me and stuff, so no.

No. If they talk to only a few fans, it wouldn't be fair to all the other millions of fans, so they just don't talk to fans at all while online.

Yes, they talk to many of their fans! They talk to me and lots of other people through e-mail and phone and at concerts or red carpet meeting and such! Chech them out whenever you can, they LOVE their fans and are willing to talk to you and get to know you when they can!

he will if he has time. he has so many fans on twitter trying to talk to him that its hard for him to.

Yes, Selena Gomez does talk to her fans, but the best place to receive a reply is:MySpaceYoutubeFacebookIf you would like, please watch the video attached below in the Related Links section of this page, below.You can also talk on I have talked to her on there.

Only Aston's BIGGEST FANS KNOWS, and if you REALLY want to find out talk to Aston Merrygold

Not really that much on facebook but she does on twitter and her website, but she comments on everything

Of course. They communicate with fans at meet and greets, etc.

try sending a message to

it doesnt costs they r really nice they love talking n spending time with their fans.

Dylan holloway of course!!!!! Dylan has the biggest moustache and sits by me in algebra!!! talk about creepy..................riley i hope you read this and i hope you like it....I'm not as funny as you or marki - in fact not even close. and i want you to rewrite this answer so its really funny!

Twitter! He's allways speaking to fans on there..he loves his fans.

Yes, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez talk to their fans. In fact, they both LOVE their fans! They told me and I'm sure other fans too! I have their personal email and they chat with me and talk to me! She talks to me older brother too! If you don't believe me ask any other fan, they have talked to other fans like me on email as well!

You could add me at we will talk -but you do not talk to One Direction, you talk to fans

He was not really interested in fame. He was at a loss to understand the intensity of the fans of his books. He did occasionally make appearances for small groups to talk about his books.

If jayden feels as if he wants to talk to the fans through the internet he will

yes, bt it's too much dificult to talk with him in the phone coz it's private, you can try to contact him in his email. so he talk to his fans in shows after all the show. he make some autographs and talk to someone near him.

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