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E85 fuel in a nonE85 vehicle is it safe to operate?

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Short answer is no. The use of pure E85 in standard gasoline car engines will void the manufacturer's warranty, may disrupt oxygenation control in fuel-injected cars, and may result in power loss. It may also interfere with proper operation of the catalytic converter. E85 can also cause engine damage, since prolonged exposure to high concentrations of ethanol may corrode metal and rubber parts in older engines (pre-1988) designed primarily for gasoline. Post-1988 fuel-injected cars are designed to accept E10 fuel, and may be tolerant of higher concentrations of ethanol to varying degrees, usually up to at least 20%. Check your owner's manual to see exactly what the fuel requirments are for your vehicle.

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Is it safe to operate your vechile without a dip stick in the transmission?

It is safe to operate your vehicle without a dip stick in the transmission. The dip stick is mainly used to test the level of fluid in the transmission.

Is it safe to operate an automobile gps system while driving a moving vehicle?

While you should not operate a motor vehicle while entering the location into your GPS, once that information is entered, most GPS systems will have a voice system which offers turn by turn directions and should be safe.

Name an obligation of a driver named on a learner's driver's license?

To operate the vehicle in a safe manner at all times.

What is one problem with fuel-cell cars?

Making the fuel cells safe for everyday usage so the general public can operate them without danger.

How safe or legal is it to operate a car night light while driving?

You should always keep your eyes on the road while driving. It is safe to operate a map light whie the vehicle is moving,you should hve passenger read the map.

Is it safe to drive a car with a fuel line leak to a mechanic?

It is not safe to drive a vehicle with a fuel leak, but if this is the only way to get it to be fixed, be careful that the leak is not that bad if you drive it. A trickle is bad, any more than that and driving it would not be advised.

E85 gas in a nonE85 vehicle by mistake is it safe to operate vehicle?

Depending on what year the vehicle is, likely no problems at all. Most cars/trucks built from the early 80's up are compatible with fuels that contain ethanol. Ethanol is NOT as corrosive or acidic as people will likely lead you to believe. Methanol is to certain materials, most of which very rarely show up in a fuel injection system. But it does not mean the vehicle is designed to run on ethanol. But if a later model vehicle 50% E85 or even more % should not hurt things, but I would recommend getting more gas in the tank ASAP. Do NOT apply heavy throttle, as ethanol runs much leaner than gasoline and could potentially cause damage at those conditions. But for a modern computer controlled fuel injected vehicle, running a fair % of E85 will cause no problems other than some drivability issues as the PCM learns the leaner mixture and compensates for it. But at heavy throttle, the PCM often is running on fixed data tables and the leaner mixtures if lean enough, could damage a valve or piston. Flex Fuel vehicles have sensors to determine the % of Ethanol in the mix, (either virtual sensors or actual physical sensors) and the compensation or learning is seamless.

Advantages of a battery operated vehicle?

1. Zero emission hence no air pollution. 2. Recharging batteries are cheaper than fuel. 3. Good for country's economy. Because electrical power can be generated not fuel. 4. Safe to use battery operated vehicle as fuel is highly inflammable.

Is the london eye safe?

It wouldn't be allowed to operate if it wasn't considered to be safe.

HOW to stop airbag light flashing?

This is likely a sign that something is wrong with the system (which could cause it not to operate as designed!) Refer to your owner's manual or take the vehicle into a dealership for a diagnostic. Safe driving!

How can you protect fuel loud from theft?

A fuel load? Park only in safe area, try not to leave the vehicle unattended, try to avoid advertising what you're carrying (although with hazmat placards, this may not be wholly possible).

Can an aircraft operate with one magneto?

It can, but it's not considered safe.

Where should the title of the vehicle be kept?

Do not keep the title to your vehicle in the vehicle. Keep it in your home somewhere safe.

Is there a list of curb weight for a specific vehicle anywhere?

Curb weight for vehicles are usually in dealer brochures The vehicle placard in the driver's door jamb, does not list "curb weight", but does list vehicle "gross weight" and " max axle weights" - these are what the max safe/recommended/legal weight the vehicle + cargo + people + fuel the vehicle can weight. See link below for a website will vehicle specs.

What makes your home appliances or gadgets safe to operate?

using switch

Is it safe to use fan to remove jet fuel fumes?

Yes, it is safe to use a fan for this. Jet fuel is not easy to ignite.

Is the Buick Lacrosse considered a safe vehicle?

The Buick lacrosse is a very safe vehicle. Consumer reports has rated it as a top performer in saftey and performance.

Which fueling practice is safe?

filling portable fuel tanks on the fuel dock

What happens if you mix diesel with petrol in a petrol car?

we'll it does happen very often it would be very bad if it was the other way around gas fuel on to a diesel vehicle. but in you case most of the time depending on the volume of diesel mixed it only smokes out your exhaust pipe.if tho volume mix was higher of diesel your vehicle would have fouled the spark plugs and would not fire there fore you would have to take your gas tank out and fully drain or reclaim the mixed fuel ,..if you vehicle is still running just ran till fuel becomes empty or vise-verse,..I've had vehicle newer than 2000 that are mitipoint fuel injection and computer puts vehicle to run in safe mode ,..with this issue no option there is but to drain fuel tank and add fresh fuel hope this helps!!

Friend borrows your car and gets into an accident why are you at fault?

Fault would first be placed on the person driving. Then the owner of the car could be found at fault.The vehicle owner is responsible for:making sure anyone operating the vehicle is licencedmaking sure they are able to drive (not drunk or other impairment)making sure the vehicle is safe to operateThere are also laws regarding financial responsibility when a vehicle is titled in your name.

How far should my fuel pump shoot gas if you take it out of the tank and stick it in a bowl of gas and hook power strait from the battery?

This is not a safe way to test a fuel pump. Simply test the pump with a fuel pressure gauge while it is still in the vehicle. If you go to all the trouble of dropping the fuel tank and removing the pump then just replace it.

Is it safe to start a vehicle with an overcharged battery?

No, of course not.

Is an out of round tire safe on vehicle?

NO it is NOT safe ! Refit a better one ASAP before you have an accident.

Is the Pontiac Vibe a safe vehicle?

A Pontiac Vibe is a safe venhicle according to Consumer Reviews.

Where is the jack placed in order to lift the vehicle?

It's different from vehicle to vehicle. you'll have to check in the manual for safe jacking points.