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EBay's source of revenue?

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June 19, 2009 2:34PM

This is a very broad question, and difficult to answer as even their financial statements will lump things together.

The main four sources would be

Auction fees




though eBay has made a tremendous amount of acquisitions and stakes in different companies. What is about to be mentioned is a short list of some of their acquisitions to point out just how difficult it is to extrapolate what revenues and expenses come from which, at least through looking at financial statements where they follow GAAP and pool things together.

* 2000 - a fixed-price discount retail site * 2003 - an auction management service for car dealers * 2004 - online apartment listing service * 2004 Online classifieds sites (, Intoko,, Kijiji and 25% stake in Craigslis) * 2005 - online comparison shopping * 2006 invested $2 millions in Meetup social networking site * 2007 Stubhub - online marketplace for the resale of event tickets * 2007 StumbleUpon - online solution that helps people discover and share content on the web

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