Ear piercing certification how to?

To get a license to provide body piercing services you first need to be trained to provide the services. This requires you to obtain a certificate of training from an accredited facility that provides training or an apprenticeship under an already accredited and licensed professional body piercer who will attest to your training.

Next you need to file an application with the local health inspection facility and the local business licensing department for the area you wish to operate in. Now they both have requirements that must be met before you can be issued a license and a health inspection.

They will advise you of the requirements that need to be met. It's not just one entity you are dealing with but several levels of government that must approve your proposal. You had better obtain your first aid certification, certificate of training, proof of business insurance coverage or ability to obtain rider. You need to be over 21 and in some cases you must be bondable and clear a criminal records check (this may be a requirement of many municipalities prior to licensing application submission).