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In Arizona, depending upon experience, a certified HVAC service tech can earn from $60,000.00 - $100,000.00 per year + benefits and a HVAC

installer can earn from $60,000.00 - $80,000.00 per year + benefits.


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Refrigerant pressures vary greatly with temperature, that is the fundamental principal that makes refrigeration and air conditioning posible. Your question is too vague for a better answer. I am an HVAC service tech, and learning to interpret refrigerant pressures takes time to learn. If someone tells you you can add freon to a certain pressure, they are wrong, it is a combination of pressures and temperatures that have to be used to determine proper charge of refrigerant.

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HVAC Tech training programs will allow prospective students to repair automotive heating and air conditioning systems. Among the many careers available in the US, working as a HVAC Tech is in high demand. That is because automobiles are essential in everyday life, and car heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance is constantly in need. This means that jobs are always available for those who are able to study at a vocational program and pass state HVAC certifying examinations. There are numerous institutions that provide HVAC technician training for those who want to become HVAC techs. This includes state colleges and universities, as well as technical and vocational schools. However, the time frame to complete the program does depend on the curriculum of the school and the credit hours you take per semester. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who have pursued an education after high school graduation are able to get better jobs than those who have not. In fact, statistics show that those who have achieved a higher level of education have a significantly lower unemployment rate. Therefore, if you are interested in a hands-on job, a career in HVAC tech may be right for you. These jobs offer competitive pay, and comprehensive benefits that are commensurate with your working hours. However, if you plan to work as a heating and air conditioning technician, you have to be physically ready, as the job demands energy, strength and endurance. HVAC Tech training will allow you to work with big automotive air conditioning repair and maintenance companies. Other careers will also include management and administration jobs upon further educational advancement. A number of career paths are available for licensed HVAC technicians. Some graduates even have the chance to start up their own heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance companies, as the are competent and qualified to deal with the technical aspects involved in the field.

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I would check with your local community college or university. If they are not offering the class, then I would ask their recommendation. In addition, you could check with your local refrigeration tech and enquire where and how he was certified.

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The heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry (HVAC) continues to grow in size and scope. Air conditioners and furnaces that malfunction need to be repaired or replaced regardless of the overall economy. Unlike other construction related jobs, qualified HVAC technicians remain in high demand. The Paths to Certification Although an air conditioning tech is required to have extensive knowledge relating to the refrigeration cycle, there are no formal HVAC training requirements. Many senior technicians began their careers working for an air conditioning contracting company in a non skilled capacity. This method of training involves installing air distribution components such as duct work, registers and running refrigeration tubing. Through the repetition of these basic tasks, the technical aspects of a furnace or air conditioner can be better understood. A formal education in HVAC is available from a variety of vocational schools and community colleges. There are usually two separate levels of certification. The curriculum for the HVAC installation technician is more basic and will encompass areas such as proper removal of equipment, setting connections, blower operations and the process of equipment cycling . More advanced courses for the HVAC service technician include recognizing and diagnosing equipment failures, independent cycling of equipment through all designed applications, and the ability to recognize appropriate measures to initiate and repair equipment. Apprenticeship programs are available through the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) as well as the National Alliance of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors (NAPHCC). Employers are usually eager to sponsor promising employees in furthering their HVAC education. NATE Certification The North American Technician Excellence organization is the ultimate industry authority for the testing and certification of qualified heating and air conditioning technicians. NATE offers certification in core installation, core service and the advanced senior technician. A NATE certification ensures that the HVAC tech has the appropriate knowledge and skill to properly complete specific jobs that fall under the scope of the testing criteria. Service technicians with a formal HVAC education and NATE certification generally command higher salaries than those with only job training. The best path to a career in HVAC remains a combination of education, certification and job related experience.

You have it done by an ASE certified tech in an EPA certified shop which has the equipment necessary to recover, store, and recycle refrigerant. Releasing it into the atmosphere is prohibited by federal law.

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