Eastern Arms 20 gauge shotgun

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Eastern Arms was a trade name used by Sears Roebuck on firearms from a variety of manufacturers. The Model 101.7 shows in my cross reference list as being a Stevens 311. If it's a hammerless double barrel, that would be right.

Guy - The stock from a Stevens 5000, 5100, 311, or several other models should fit. You may also find these models marked as Riverside, Springfield, J.C.Higgins, or Ranger shotguns. If your plastic buttstock is not broken, I might be interested in it. My Higgins 5100 still has the tenite forearm, but the buttstock has been replaced.

101.7 is the same gun as the Stevens 311. the code is 101-Stevens/ savage/fox . 103 marlin. sears owned the brand name e.a. , ranger, and a lot of the others

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Q: Eastern Arms 20 gauge shotgun
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