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I LOVE to catch frogs!! In July me and like 5 of my many cousins were catching frogs at my aunt house a stuffed them in boxes. We put all of the boxes in my grandma's car. And I was trying to put one of the boxes in the back of the car but failed terribly. The buttom of the box unfolded and at lest 20 frogs came flopping out hopping and coaked jumping all around. My cousin was sreaming while I opened the car door and started grabing frogs and throwing them out trying not to hurt any of them. Me and my cousins all starting laughing at the same time. Anyways catching frogs with your hands is the best and funnest!!

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How do you catch a toad?

Its quiet easy but hard to catch a toad frogs and toads are kinda the same anyway you can catch them with your hands or a net or probley even a box

What are good ways to catch frogs?

An easy way to catch a frog is by using a net but if you don't have a net than use a bucket. Most people can't catch them with their bare hands, cause they'll hop away real quick. So I recomend you to use a net or a bucket.

Do frogs eat graps?

Frogs are carnivores. They eat only meat. Most frogs catch and eat insects. Some frogs can catch larger prey, even other frogs.

How do frogs catch their prey?

They stick out their tongues and catch them.

How do you catch frogs?

with an net

What is the easy way to catch a Snorlax?

there are no easy ways my son the only way is by the sensei which you will never become yours truely, -sensei

How do frogs catch flies?

with their tounges.

How do frogs catch mosquitoes?

Frogs have a special tongue. The thing is sticky. They can throw their tongue out like a whip to catch these tiny bugs.

What do frogs eat besides flies and bugs?

frogs eat anything they can catch.

Are frogs good pets?

Yes, frogs are really easy to look after. Frogs are kinda scary at first.

Should people catch frogs?

This is a personal opinion. You can look at it two ways: 1.) If you are a creationist, God created everything and therefore you are not valid to destroy the Creator's work. 2.) If you are an evolutionist, survival of the fittest is key, so you can technically do whatever you want to frogs. Or you can catch and raise without killing. :)

How do frogs catch it prey?

With their sticky toungue.

How do you frogs catch their food?

they stick out their tongue

Why do some frogs have camouflage?

to catch prey

What is the connection between luigi galvani and frogs?

he studied the ways of frogs

If 29 frogs are required to catch 29 flies in 29 minutes then how many frogs are required to catch 87 flies in 87 minutes?


How do frogs catch dinner?

Frogs have a long sticky bulb like tong that they shoot out to catch their which is mainly flies and various other flying insects

Do frogs have long tongues?

Frogs have a long, sticky forked tongue that they use to catch insects.

Why do frogs got long tongues?

It is an adaptation Frogs uses to catch flying insects for food.

What was it about dodo's nature that made it easy to catch?

It was fat and easy to catch.

Easy ways to catch Pokemon?

You have to make it fall asleep,confusion,poision,burn, and freeze it is easier that way.

How long would it take 100 storks to catch 100 frogs when 5 storks need 5 minutes to catch 5 frogs?

5 minutes

How old are frogs when they can catch their own food?

As soon as they are a frog they can catch their own food.

How do you get to level 2 on pocket frogs?

In order to level up, you have to gain XP (experience points). There are a few ways to get XP. You can breed your frogs, catch the extra large dragon flies in the pond, completing award challenges, and taming frogs. You need 2525 XP to reach level 2.

What do frogs eat besides flies?

Frogs eat pretty much anything they can catch: insects, worms, smaller frogs, even fish!