Economic analysis that derives from economic principles about an individual behaves or institutions act is called?

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Economic growth

What is the positive and normative analysis in economics?

A positive analysis is a statement of what is. The truth. Purely descriptive statements or scientific predictions. A normative analysis is a statement of what ought to b

What is an economic analysis?

economic analysis is a analysis of current economic and financialstatus ,if iam going to make one project that will contribute onthe welfare of our nation means economic analy

What is principle of economics?

How a society produces thing to meet their needs from available resources and how society allocate those resources among members of society based upon the contribution made an

What are derivatives in economics?

Derivatives are securities whose value is derived from the some other time-varying quantity. Usually that other quantity is the price of some other asset such as bonds, stocks
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Who provides economic analysis on CNN?

CNN has various different journalists that provide economic analysis. Some of the journalists include: Kristi Lu Stout, Van Jones, and Dan Merica, to name a few.