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Effects of dam on forest and tribal people?


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September 13, 2011 2:33AM

Read the book "The Mountain People" written by Colin M Turnbull. The Mountain People is about the Ik who were a tribe of hunter gathers that got into trouble after the second world war when countries "hardened" their frontiers and the main area the Ik lived in was declared a National park by the Ugandan government. It is a narrative of serious non-adaptation as Turnbull shows that the traditional society of loose co-operation for hunting and weak family bonds is insufficient to meet the new challenge that the tribe faces. The men hunt far from the village and eat what they kill. The women gather for themselves and eat what they gather. Starvation starts to set in and the children and old people die offf at an alarming rate. The Ugandan government tries to setup a sort of food welfare program but set it up miles away from where the Ik roam. Members of the tribe go to the food center and gorge themselves as they move back to their temporary huts and villages. The most frighteneing thing I found was that not a single member of the tribe performed or remembered kindness towards their peers. I don't know if the effects of a Dam would have the same result. I think it was a combination of things that destroyed a society that had lived well for probably hundreds of years. Their land or the land they roamed was declared a National Park and everything they did in the past was against the law. They could poach but they risk their lives doing it and a criminal society is not going to be any better than the destruction of their society as it happened.