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Effects of movies on youth?

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Its depend on the children,what they believe on their saw movies. When movies is like scary the effect on youth are afraid on that situation. Comedy movies also effect the youth like, they joke their friends what they saw in this movies.

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What is the effect of movies on youth?

Movies can have a positive effect on youth, and a negative effect on youth. The effect movies have depend on the content of the movie. Movies with positive moral stories can influence youth to display good morals. Movies with violence can encourage the display of aggression in youth.

How INDIAN movies affect on youth?

Some people feel that violence in Indian movies is?ænegatively affecting the youth. Many others feel that Indian movies positively affect youth by teaching them about life.

What is the effect of misleading advertisements on youth?

effects of misleading advertisments on youth

What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline Among The Youth?


How do movies affect the youth?

Movies affect the youth in a huge way nowadays. A movie is a way to escape this life. Kids see what's in the movie as real life, whatever it is.

Whats is the effects of historical films on youth?


What is the effect of Youth rebelling?

what are effects of Countercultural Movement

How are computers used in movies?

Cutting, sound effects and special effects

Positive effects of western culture on Indian youth?

The positive effects on western culture on indian youth would be that there are definitely more oppertunities for them. They can learn about the culture and determine, themselves, how they feel about it.

What are the effects of watching movies?

You will usually not dream about movies, you will dream about what happened in your day.

What is the effects of internet to youth?

The youth kids all have it made the internet controls. There education by the smart boards and all that today

Hw do you get the movies stunts and effects to work without the the movies?

Sorry to say this but you can't.

What is the name of the people who make sound effects for movies?

Many companies call them different things. * Sound effects specialist - This person makes special effects sounds for movies. * Sound effects editor. * Sound effects technician. * Foley artist - This person makes everyday sounds and not special effects

What is media's effects on youth?

The media effects everyone, depends what type the youth look at. A few teens focus on the bad sections of the media and soon strive to be a part of it. However, many are not succumbed to a life of crime

What are the effects of Hindi movies on society?

very bad

What are the effects of out of school youth?

Youth that are not in school are more likely to be involved in criminal activities. They are also more likely to become drug users or alcoholics.

The Company which makes Special Effects for all Star Wars Movies is?

The company that makes all of the special effects for all of the Star Wars movies is Industrial Light and Magic.

What are the effects of watching Bollywood movies?

They are truly mind numbing.

How are special effects in movies made?

Special Effects in movies are either made by the computer or by combining videos.Combining VideosUsually if you are combining videos you take a video...i gtg...nvm

How has technology in movies change?

the special effects are better, and things seem more realistic han they do in old movies

Effects of technology to the youth?

Technology for the most part on youth has been great; the thing is that today's kids have become dependent on their electronics. This is a bad thing in most cases.

For the Pokemon anime cartoons do you need to watch the movies to understand what is going on with the episodes?

No you do not. Nothing in the movies effects the storyline at all, the movies are just made for fun.

What visual effect software is used in the Harry Potter movies?

Adobe After effects movies 1-3 adobe premiere pro movies 4-7

Are there any pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower in HarryPotter?

In the movies, he plays the role of Gellert Grindelwald as a youth.

How much does it cost to get in the movies for a three year old?

most likely as much as a youth -natasha q