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Children of all ages in all nations were negatively affected during World War II. Some, such as those living in cities in England and Germany, suffered through the bombing campaigns of enemy forces, thus they spent many nights in bomb shelters or were forced to move to safer homes in the countryside. Others, especially those in countries overrun by enemy forces, were often displaced from their homes and forced to live on the road with their refugee-families. Still others suffered the worst effect of all, death, whether by accident during battles or through the intentional actions of oppressors, especially as part of the German-led Holocaust.

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What effects were their on children during World War 2?

The effects that were on children during World War ll was that the kids started getting illfrom gases.

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How many children died during world war II

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No, children had to be seen and not hear during the 40s.

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What were the effects on the children in World War 2?

They were scarred for life they lost family and got wounded

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