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The Egalitarianism that arose after the Revolutionary War was limited because it only covered certain people, specifically white, propertied males. Married women could still not own their own property, upon marriage it became her husband's. Blacks continued to be slaves, without any rights of citizenship or mercy.

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How did the revolutionary war help to stimulate the rise of egalitarianism?

the rise of egalitarianism stimulated the revolutionary war by potatos and chocolate milk

How was the egalitarianism that arose after the Revolutionary War limited?

Because it applied only to white males, most Africans where still enslaved...

What were the disadvantages of the Americans in the Revolutionary war?

They were poorly trained with limited supplies.

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The british limited american trade

Did Americans have limited access to firearms during the revolutionary war?

They did have access to firearms in the revolutionary war. Of course you might have heard that they didn't use them in some battles. I hope that helps!

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The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

What were the British soldiers called by the Americans during the revolutionary war?

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cause of the revolution

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