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Q: Eggs and sperm are also known as?
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What are sperm and eggs known as?


Sperm and eggs are known as?


What are male and female reproductive cells also known as?

male: sperm female: eggs

What are the paths of the male sperm and the female eggs?

The paths of the male sperm are known as urthraand female eggs are known as follopian tubesthe sperm find it and takes it

Do girls have sperms?

no, girls have eggs. The eggs develop into human beings when fertilised with a sperm from a male. (also known as a pregnancy)

Is sex cells is known as sperm and eggs?


Sperm and eggs are known as what?

Reproductive cells or gametes.

What are gametes in gametogenesis?

The gametes are also known as sex cells. The male gametes are sperm, and the female gametes are eggs.

What occurs when pollen sperm unites with the eggs?

This process is known as fertilization.

What type of cells are known as gametes?

Sex cells (sperm and ova/eggs) are known as gametes.

Why is a sperm different to an egg cell?

Sperm are male gametes and eggs are female gametes. In mammals sperm are small and mobile while eggs are large and cannot move (by themselves). Four sperm cells are produced by spermatogenesis while only one egg is produced by oogenesis. also, sperm cells are known as the "xy" genes and eggs are known s the "xx" genes. during intercourse, a female will always give a "x" and the dad will give out a "y" or a "x". if its "xx", its a girl.if its a "xy", its a male.

What Term for an organism with both eggs and sperm?

An organism that has an ovary for the production of eggs and a testes for the production of sperms is known as " hermaphrodite"

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