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Electricity can be stored?

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On the Jersey shore, in storage facilities. The Wind is to be found Off of the Jersey City shores.

2011-03-29 07:13:45
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Q: Electricity can be stored?
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Where is geothermal energy stored?

Before the energy is converted into electricity it is stored in lava, then when its electricity it is stored in the national grid.

Can wave energy be stored?

If wave energy is used to generate electricity, that electricity can be run into the main electricity grid. If it is to be stored separately from the grid, it could be stored in batteries.

When electricity sis not moving but stored it is called?

Stored electricity? It's a form of potential energy I guess but it's still called electricity

Can electricity be stored from lightnings?


Can electricity be stored temporarily?

A capacitor will store electricity temporarily.

What do you call the electricity that is stored?


How can electricity be stored?

Batteries and capacitors

How is electricity stored in batteries?

Actually electricity is not stored in batteries but some chemicals are stored in it. When the chemicals are made to react, the reaction creates a potential difference between the two terminals and electric current is made to flow.

Can clectricity be stored?

Battery is the storage device for electricity

What is the energy stored in an object that is not moving?

static electricity

What energy store in batteries?

electricity is stored in batteries

Why is the electricity stored inside a battery called potential energy?

The energy (not exactly electricity) stored in a battery is stored in the form of chemical energy. Chemical energy is a type of potential energy, since it depends on the forces between atoms.

What type of electricity can be stored on an insulator?

Insulators are very good at holding static electricity. I hope this helped!

Is nuclear energy stored?

No, it is used when produced (ie in electricity)

What are the characteristics of inventory planning?

electricity and water should be stored

What is the name given to electricity at rest?

i think its STORED ENERGY.

Can electricity be stored in batteries?

That's - sort of - what batteries do. However, the energy is stored as chemical energy, not as an electrical current.

Can electricity be stored?

batteries store energy by switching the electricity into chemical energy and then back again when needed, atoms store electricity in their electron shells.

What do you call an electricity at rest?

An energy that is stored is called potential energy.

How is electricity made by people?

By spinning something and that creates energy that can be stored (electricity). There are many ways from using water to coal

Why battery required in car?

to make it spark to itnight the gas To provide stored electricity for the vehicle. No electricity, then the vehicle will not run.

How does water mess up electricity?

Water is stored in hydropower plants. Electricity is generated using the potential energy of water.

How is energy source stored?

The answer depends on the source. Wood is stored in stacks. Coal is stored in piles or bins. Oil and gas is stored in tanks. Electricity is stored in batteries or capacitors. Water power, solar power and wind power can not be stored in any simple way if at all.

How electricity gathered?

by wires <<>> Electricity is not a collectible commodity. It is generated and distributed as the demand requires. Small amounts of DC electricity can be stored in a capacitor but is not viable as an AC source. Electricity is distributed by wire conductors.

Where is the majority of the worlds electricity derived from?

Burning the stored energy of fossil fuel