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Only sodium and chlorine will form ionic bond.

the other pair given here will form covalent bond

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Does hydrogen contain chlorine?

No. Both chlorine and hydrogen are elements. Elements cannot contain other elements.

What elements are similar to chlorine?

Elements similar to chlorine will be located in the same group(17).

What elements combine with chlorine?

The majority of chemical elements (excepting noble gases) can react with chlorine.

Does chlorine react well to other elements?

Chlorine reacts violently with a large number of elements.

Is chlorine an elements or compound?

Chlorine is an element. Its atomic number is 17 on the periodic table of the elements.

What elements would likely be like chlorine?

for the most part, the elements in the same periodic family as chlorine would act the closest to chlorine. This elements include, fluorine, bromine, & iodine.

What are all the elements in chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical element and contain only chlorine atoms.

Is cesium and chlorine a organic compound?

No cesium and chlorine are elements.

Are oxygen and chlorine ionic compounds?

No. Oxygen and chlorine are elements.

What is chlorine oxide?

a compound containing the elements chlorine and oxygen

Are nitrogen and chlorine ionic compounds?

No, nitrogen and chlorine are elements.

Is oxygen in chlorine?

Nol. Oxygen and chlorine are separate elements.

Hydrogen oxygen and chlorine are?

Hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine are elements.

How is chlorine and sodium?

Chlorine and sodium are natural chemical elements.

What are the elements in CaCl2?

Calcium and chlorineI think you mean CaCl2 (calcium chloride) and if so the elements are calcium and chlorine.

What elements are in sodium chlorine?

Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) are both elements. There is no such thing/compound as "sodium chlorine" Table salt is "Sodium Chloride" (NaCl).

What elements make up chlorine?

Chlorine itself is an element. It is on the Periodic Table (of the Elements). It is made from protons, electrons and neutrons.

Does chlorine form anions when bonding with other elements?

Chlorine does not from anions when bonding with other elements, but an example of an element that does is argon.

Which elements are in BaCI2?

Barium and Chlorine

Is salt in chlorine?

Salt is made up of two elements, chlorine and sodium.

What other elements will combine with chlorine?

Anything that is not a noble gas will combine with chlorine.

Hydrogen and chlorine are pure substances of what?

Hydrogen and chlorine are chemical elements, not compounds

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