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Carl Enders, Suhl Germany. Made high quality double barrel 12 gauge shotguns from 1835 to 1890. They had ornate checkering and engraved metal work. Depending on the condition and workmanship the value is between $500-$1150.

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Enders Royal Service double barrel shot gun Number 374411 What is the value and age of this gun?

Enders Special Service & Enders Royal Service along with Enders Oakleaf were made by Crescent Fire Arms Co. for Shapleigh Hardware Co. of St Louis, MO in the early 1900's. It is not a rare gun nor expensive. Perhaps $200 if in good condition.

Where can you find parts for enders royal service dbl barrel shotgun number 173649?

try www.e-gunparts.com or www.gunbroker.com you may have some luck there.

What would be the name of a late 1800 double barrel shotgun with hammers. Royal something?

Possibly Enders Royal Service? Blue, Hound, Whistler are a few others

If you need to replace the barrel for a Crescent 12ga double where can you purchase a set?

I found a set for my Enders Special Service a.k.a. crescent on eBay of all places. It took some time and alot of questions, pictures and measurements but was worth the wait. There are many barrel sets that will fit with a little tinkering.

What year was a enders royal service double barrel 12 gauge shotgun made with K R Winchell engraved under but plate?

Enders Royal Service shotguns were made by Cresent Fire Arms Co. for Shapleigh Hwr. Co. of St. Louis. Cresent Fire Arms was in business , I believe, fron the 1890's until the mid 1930's. All the records for this Co. have long since been either lost or destroyed. No idea what the K R Winchell stands for.

When and where was your browning a5 serial number c14187 made?

Browning.com has sn data under customer service. It will be marked on the barrel

What does the single number on a match barrel mean?

You will have to provide specifics to even have a slim chance of getting an answer. Who made the barrel? What weapon is it on? Where is the number on the barrel?

Can you find parts for a 16 gauge Enders Royal double barrel side by side hammerless shotgun?

Not readily. You'll find that parts will need to repaired or made by a gunsmith.

What year was this belgium shotgun double barrel 12ga serial number 2583 made?

I would go to the browning.com web site.They have a service for serial numbers under the customer service help site.

How can you tell what your shotgun model is?

There should be a stamped model number on the left side of your barrel. The serial number will be on the reciever; however, the model number is on the barrel.

Where is the serial number on Remington 522?

Stamped on barrel, Barrel and reciever one piece.

How do I tell if my A5 barrel is correct for 20 gauge with serial number 309364?

The barrel and receiver should have the same serial number.

What do the belgian proofs look like on the enders royal service double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

My understanding is that Enders Royal Service shotguns were made by Cresent Fire Arms in Norwich Conn. Cresent was part of the H & D Folsom Arms Co. and Folsom Arms did import shotguns fron Belgian, so maybe I'm wrong. Assuming this gun was proofed for smokless powder the Belgian proof would be a standing lion with PV underneath. It should also note the guage (in this case 12) and the length of the chambers in millimeters, such as 12-70. U.S. made guns do not require a proof mark.

What is big number at the end of barrel of a softball bat?

that number at hte end of the barrel is the subtraction of the length from the weight for example my bat the demarini phoenix is 31 inches and weighs 21 ounces and therefore the number a the end of my barrel is -10.

1952 fn browning 243 cal.where is serial number located?

The serial number should be on the front barrel band, in some cases it is on the barrel.

Can a barrel cactus be found in the desert?

There are a number of species of barrel cactus that live in the deserts of North America.

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