Energy saving light bulb on a dimmer switch?

Of course the answer is yes if use with our energy saving dimmer.

Our energy saving dimmer is the only one can dim CFL,LED,T4,T5,T8,ceiling lamps,halogen lamp,quartz lamp etc. in the world.
Our dimmer can apply to any brand of light source and lighting fixture.For example,our dimmer can dim the CFL of PHILIPs�ORSAM�GE etc.and this will not affect the performance and lifetime of lamp.Furthermore, dimming increases lifetime of lamp and saves energy because less electrical wattage is used. For example, a lamp that is dimmed by 25 percent uses about 20 percent less electricity and the lamp's life is increased four times.

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Does dimming a light actually reduce the power consumption? Most of these use variable regulators, so where does the "lost" part of the a. c. waveform from the mains go if not into heat in the regulator itself?