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Engine lights gets on and start jerking in slow speed?

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Are you running the A/C at the same time? Is the engine cold or hot ?tell me first, there may be a couple of things wrong.

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When the car sets all night only check engine light comes on and car wont start you leave key in the on position and pretty soon the gauges start jerking and dash lights start flashing and when they s?

bad ground from either the battery or engine block to the body plus, year make and model would be helpful.

Why would your 1998 Chevy 1500 start jerking and bucking when accelerating like its not getting enough fuel and practically will not climb a hill but run mostly smooth while coasting?

The jerking and bucking is probably along with a pop sound from the engine. This always indicated a LEAN condition with the Engine. In other words, it is NOT getting enough fuel to run under a load or that speed.

What cause a 2003 Hyundai Sonata to start jerking and the RPMs start revving up and down?

There must be a "check engine" light on. Start with investigating the DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

Verbs that start with j?

jerk, Jumping, jerking, jolt, jibe jigglejerk, Jumping, jerking, jolt, jibe jiggle

My car start Jerking then it gradually stopped check engine light flashed then the oil and battery light i popped the hood noticed all my antifreeze overflowing from the tank now car won't start?

Your engine overheated for whatever reason.

Why do your lights turn onbut your engine wont start?

Battery could be low, it takes more energy to start engine Check starter wires

Why would a 1995 New Yorker die when driving with check engine and oil lights on but start back up when you turn the ignition again?

It's possible that the engine actually died just before the Check Engine and oil pressure lights came on. If that's the case, the problem could be little more than the engine needing a tune-up or its idle speed raised.

The dash lights come on but the engine won't start?

If the dash lights come on, but the engine won't start, check the starter. There could also be a problem with the fuel line or the spark plugs. If the engine turns over, but won't start, check all of the fuel sensors. If the motor has a clicking or buzzing sound, check the alternator.

YOUR 95 probe SE 5 speed has got power to all lights radio fan and still wont start?

Does the engine turn over ? Is the timing belt in one peice ? Faulty distributor ?

What does it mean when you depress brake pedal your lights go dim each time?

depress the brake pedal and turn the engine switch to the start posiiton and start the engine,,, Does this mean to hold the brake down until you hear the engine start.

How do you start a motor?

After washing as i turn on the engine, the BAS light is turned on and the lights weakened and not started.

Why do the engine warning lights come on when the car is off?

By "OFF," I have to assume that your question means that the ignition switch is "ON", but the engine is not running. IF that is what your question means, then the reason the engine warning lights turning on is that the manufacturer designed the system that way to show you that those warning circuits and lights are working, and ready to warn you after you start the engine, should there be a failure in one of the systems they represent.

How do you know when your engine is blown?

Yoer engine will not provide a regular speed you will start smoking and you car will make a weird sound

Do you have any ideas on how to get the key to turn so the engine will start on a 93 Chevrolet standard tilt steering?

I'm assuming that your steering wheel has locked. Try jerking the steering wheel back and forth while turning the key to start it.

What are the signs of a siezed engine?

When you attempt to start engine, nothing happens-- similar to weak or dead battery. You may hear "click" and lights may dim, but engine will not rotate

If a 1998 Pontiac Transport 3400 starts but stalls out what should you check?

There's a solinoid in the transmission.Suggest to check that first. Turn on interior lights. Start engine. If the lights go out when the engine stalls, you have a bad ignition switch.

Why does your 03 silverado lurch when you start it?

If your 2003 Silverado is lurching or jerking when you start it the most common issue is the fuel pump.

Why does the gauge and dash lights not come on 1995 S-10 2.2L engine turns over will not start?

You lost the 12 volts feeding those lights and maybe the 12v to other ciruits including the engine control computor. Start looking for bad fuses and bad connections.

How do you start the engine of a 1995 Lincoln when anti theft light is flashing?

How can I start the engine on a Lincoln town car. I accidently caused the horn to keep blowing and I kept pushing buttons on the remote until it quit blowing. Then the anti theft lights were flashing on the dash and the engine would not start.

How do you get a 2002 Chevy Cavalier to start when absolutley nothing is working except the lights and the radio?

This may be a problem with the immobilizer, the engine isn't disonnecting the immobilizer from the engine, i.e. stopping the engine from being started.

1996 Chevy silverado z71 k1500 when key is in start position dash lights do not always come on engine will crank but there is no spark to plugs if dash lights come on engine will start right up?

The reason it wont start when the lights don't come on is because at that point your eec a.k.a. ecu,pcm or computer isn't coming on. the causes could be ignition switch or eec relay if you can locate the relay that is the most likely cause.

Can you take the power for car lights straight from a car battery?

When your lights are on and your engine is not running you are taking the power for your car lights directly from your battery. If you leave them on long enough, you will run down your battery and your car will not start. Then you will need a jump.

A caterpillar 3406-E engine cranks but wont start?

Is the ecm seeing engine speed. Does the check engine light come on. Do you have at least 12 volts to ecm.

Skoda octavia 2006 not start key is ok lights in the panel comes and then off and engine not start?

Underneath steering wheel check relay 100&103

Why Saturn SL1 95 won't start at times?

My car wouldn't start today for awhile and the engine lights and battery light came on.What is wrong with my car?