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You sure the start motor hasn't failed? I have the same problem on my 306.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-12 12:12:03
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Q: Engine not starting or turning over on 306 xld 1996 you have checked battery and ok any ideas?
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Why does the battery charging light don't go off after starting the engine of my 1983 Toyota Corolla?

Have the charging system checked. The light comes on when there is a charging system problem. it may be a battery, alternator or a battery problem.

Why will my 1999 Lincoln navigator not start when the engine is cold?

what are you Cold Cranking Amps on your battery? perhaps your battery is not strong enough, if that's not the case something with the battery wiring i suppose as long as your starting is turning it should be a battery issue.

Why does radio fade when starting engine?

Starting the engine uses the battery to turn the engine over. Because turning over the engine requires a LOT of electrical power, the car automatically shuts off any electrical devices that are powered on, so it has more electricity to use.

Why is engine not turning over?

Ck battery

Why is your 1.4 16v sri not starting up after putting the engine in another car?

The obvious answer is that something is connected wrongly, or not at all, if you've checked all this and assuming the engine is turning over, just not starting, did you use the original ECU? if not it's possible that the engine management system is relaying the incorrect info to the engine and the timing etc. will be out.

Does alternator need to charge after replacing it?

No, the alternator is the charging device which runs off a belted pulley attached to the motor. The alternator charges the battery which is the source of the current required to get the engine turning over and in turn starting the engine.

What is wrong when you have a new battery engine cranks but will not turn over?

Your question is confusing. If the engine cranks it is turning over.

Why is your 2001 Honda Accord v6 not starting?

A 2001 Honda Accord V6 may not start when the battery is bad, there is no fuel, or the ignition system is defective. A bad starter will also prevent the engine from turning over during starting.

If a 1993 Celica ST won't start or roll start and the battery is charged full of gas fuses are good and you can hear the starter spinning what is the problem?

is the starter engaging and turning over the engine or is it just spinning? if just spinning get new starter. if it is turning over the engine, have your ignition switch checked. if you are mechanical, the easiest way to check swith is to hot wire the engine and see if it starts

Why is a good starting engine now not starting on the first turn Sounds like it stops while turning over 2004 Taurus?

The first place I'd start would be the battery, alternator and starter. Verify that the battery is good and that the alternator is fully charging it, and that the starter isn't drawing too much current.

How do you get rid of the engine check light on a 1997 Toyota Camry CE?

I've heard that disconnecting the battery for an hour or so works. Or turning the ignition on and off (without starting the car) repeatedly.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Get the Engine Checked Don't waste your money getting your engine checked. Just disconnect your negative side of your battery for 10 seconds. Reconnect it and your done, no more check engine light.

4 second delay before engine cranks 97 disco will not start?

Sounds like your battery may be very low; if it turns over slowly when it eventually starts turning, definitely try jump starting or charging the battery and trying again.

Why Ford truck does not start after turning off engine?

The starter could be bad. Or the battery. The starter could be bad. Or the battery.

What kind of battery is used in a CJ jeep with a 350 engine?

A marine starting battery is used in a CJ Jeep with a 350 engine.

1994 Ford Crown Vic starter turning very slowly and not starting the car. New Battery instaled still turning slowly if at all.?

If there is nothing wrong with the engine internally, then ,the starter is pulling. Have to replace it. You could always pull out the plugs and spin the engine and see how that does. The starter on the 4.6 is hard to get the 3rd bolt out. But, it does come out.

New battery but again car wont start how do you tell if its battery cables or alternator?

Alternator can be discounted for starting problem; it charges the battery when the engine is running it has nothing to do with starting the car. If the engine is not turning over (cranking) when you try to start it, either the igniton switch, wiring or starter motor are at fault. Also check the thick cable from battery negative/body to the engine block. NOTE if the car is automatic the park/neutral switch could be faulty. If the car is alarmed it could be an immobilizer fault. Difficult to know from your question but if engine starts with charged battery, check WITH ENGINE RUNNING for 14 volts approx across battery terminals. If volts less than 12, swap out the alternator

Why your car not starting?

Engine, battery there are many answers to this.

Will car start if alternator is dead?

Yes, the battery starts the engine, and as long as the battery is fully charged the engine will start. The battery will loose it's charge if the alternator is defective and not replenishing the charge of the battery but the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine.

Could your truck not turning over be because you have no gas in it?

If the engine will not turn over, that is, sound like it is turning, then the trouble is a dead battery or really bad battery clamps. If the engine will not 'catch' and start running, then there are a number of causes, one of which is having no fuel.

Ticking sound from 2003 Expedition when turning ignition but engine won't start?

usually in any vehicle when the battery dies if you keep turning the key there will be a ticking sound and since the battery has no power left it wont turn over your engine therefor it not being able to start however if the battery is just fine you got me

Why is a car not starting but the battery works?

Double check that the battery works, then check if the engine works.

Why does the temperature gauge rise and fall with engine running?

Possibly the fan is not turning on until the engine is getting to hot, if you havn't already I suggest you take it in to get checked out

Where is the main battery on a 2014 Mercedes e350 sedan?

The main battery for starting car is in engine bay. There is an aux.battery in the trunk.

How an engine prepared for starting?

Depends on the engine. A fuel injected engine will run the fuel pump to prime the engine. A diesel engine might have glow plugs run prior to starting. Some older heavy equipment engines had a gasoline pony engine to get the crankshaft turning prior to starting the engine.