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you never said fuel filter. or if service engine soon lite is on.try filter if problem persists check compression if ok possible pickup coil and or control module.mybe its my mistake but is ses lite on if not it still comes down to air fuel combustion. back to the gap of the spark plugs. are the wires a good brand same with dist cap and rotor check all before if you bumped the dist. very unlikly unless you loosened the hold down the dist a nondisturbed type or disturbed ? that's a timing issue ok.

Answermake sure your distrubutor didn't get bumped and is causing crossfiring,just went through that and it will cause SES codes that aren't necessarly true.truck would sputter and sometimes backfire at low rpm' need a special diagnostic tool to acuratly set the distributor that displays the degree of the camshaft,i believe there's a mark on the underside of the dist. and a mark on the intake manifold to show if they are set right,but what i did was loosen the hold down bolt on the dist. and turn it all the way to the left that it would turn.then i would just bump start the ignition and then turn the dist. just a hair until i got it to where it would fire up with just the slightest bump on the ignition.there may be a better way to do it without the scanner tool but that worked for me.hope it helps.
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Q: Engine still skips on 1996 gmc truck already replaced spark plugs wires cap and rotor?
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Why is there no spark coming out of distributor on number 8 cylinder on a 1987 Chevy truck already replaced wires plugs cap rotor button?

If you have spark at all but one plug, the problem is with that plug, wire, cap or rotor.

What makes the engine plugs wires carb valves set the only thing i have not replaced is distributor car and rotor?

When you replaced the plugs, did you check the compression? Did any of the plugs look different than the others? Low compression in one cylinder can cause misfiring. But then, so can a faulty distributor cap.

How does a 94 Z28 distributor work. Does it still have a rotor and 8 pins subject to carbon tracking...?

yes it has a cap and rotor. its just located on the front of engine a timing chain cover. it has 8 pins and can be replaced. Also rotor can be replaced.

What causes a 1990 z24 3.1 to miss Ive replaced spark plugs and wires?

change distributor cap and rotor

Have a 1999 Honda CRV with an engine code of 1399 and have just replaced all the ignition-related parts timing belt plug wires rotor cap plugs and now get this code Can it be valve timing?

Code P1399 means:Random missfire Plugs not gaped right might want to check them since you just replaced them or plug wire loose?

You replaced the spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor but now your carborater is now making a poping noise when you accelarate why is that?

You may have messed up the firing order. Need to know what engine and year you have to help you.

What is the gap for towne car?

What year? What engine? Spark plugs or rotor? A more specific question is required.

WHY does a 1992 Hyundai excel to stall out shorty after running I replaced spark plugs rotor cap plugs ignition coil..still does the same thing.?

Go ahead and replace the pcv

How do you replace the distributor cap and rotor on your 1989 Mercedes?

You don't. It has a D.I.S. ignition system and has no distributor or rotor. There are three coils mounted over spark plugs under coil pack cover (center top of motor) Each coil fires 2 pistons. They are not replaced as a tune up item. They are only replaced if faulty. Spark plugs should be replaced every 15,000 miles.

305 Chevy 78 motor 2brl carb replaced plugs wires rotor cap carb and gas engine runs great but then runs badly then back to runs good what could cause this problem?

Your float is sticking

97 Chevy blazer with a cylinder 5 missfire i have replaced cap rotor wires and plugs can this be a bad spider injector?

Very possible.

Where are the spark plugs located in a 1984 caprice?

depending on the engine size they will be located in the sides of the heads. look for a rotor cap and 6 or 8 big wires, depending on the engine, then foller them rihgt down to the spark plugs.

2001 Honda crv coil keeps burning up already replaced plugs wires distribtor cap and rotor. im on my 4th coil in 1 year can anyone please help?

It sounds likes it's your voltage regulator malfunctioning.

Engine no start no spark to plugs no distributor cap no rotor?

Bad coil? Bad coil wire?

Why does Chevy s 10 miss badly after warming up?

my s- 10 did the same thing i replaced to dist cap rotor and plugs it helped

If a 1984 Grand Marquis has no power to the coil what do you check after you have replaced coil plugs wires rotor and cap?

(Magnetic pick-up) Inside the Distributor.

What should i do next if 1994 wrangler 2.5l with power going to the coil but no spark coming from the ignition coil replaced the coil cap rotor plugs and wires?

Your coil needs two things: power, which you have, and a trigger(i.e.) a hall effect switch or a camshaft sensor. Without a trigger it will not spark at any plugs because its not being told to. Hope this helps you out. If that doesn't work then try grounding your engine more to the body if you haven't already.

Why does your 90 Honda civic sputter It wouldn't start replaced plugs wires and distributor rotor blade now it sputters and its not the ignition coil i replaced it HELP?

check and see if u have a hole in your muffler

99 astro that died on you and now wont start replaced cap and rotor button spark plugs and crank sensor have spark and fuel?

Check the coil and replace if bad. Should fix the problem.

Engine will not idle?

Check and clean spark plugs distributer and rotor change air fillter and oil change wont hert

If a 1993 Geo Tracker has a rough idle and you have replaced the plugs wires distributor cap rotor and fuel filter what is next?

try checking youre timing

Replaced exhaust system fuel injectors and fuel rail 1995 neon still runs rough?

have you tuned it up? plugs, wires, cap + rotor

Dodge van 250 1996 with 5.2 engine has miss fire at idle I have replaced the plugs wirescap dist rotor it seems to be only on one cylinder 7cyl help?

This website should help. Good Luck!

How do you repair random multiple misfires on 96 jeep grand Cherokee I have replaced the wires plugs rotor distubutor cap coil and ran injector cleaner and still runs rough and engine light on still?

Have you connected a code scanner? What is it saying is the problem?

4.6 ford engine skips when warm?

full tuneup, plugs, wires, cap/rotor, air filter, fuel filter etc.