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English language come froma Albanian language?


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Yes, English language come from an Albanian language.

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The albanian language stands on it's own with the other main indo-european languages such as: Germanic, baltic, latin, greek etc

Contributions to the English language have come from people of every continent.

THE ANSWER IS. . . English?

No! English is not a romance language, but a germanic one. One third of English words, however, do come from latin -- but they come via French, which is a Romance language.

The English language has its roots in Anglo-Saxon, old French, old German and Latin.

It never did. English is a language that came from the germanic tribes,the angels,saxon and jutes

Erin is English the meaning is the word Ireland

The Scots language has its basis in Old English (or "Inglis", as the Scottish people called it at the time). A number of pidgins and creoles also have their basis in English, but Scots is recognised as a separate language.

English is a Germanic language and derived from the same sources as Dutch and German. Greek is a language isolate distantly related to English. Latin is an Italic language distantly related to English.

The English language is the result of the merging of the Germanic Anglo-Saxon language (also called Old English) with the Norman French language, a romance language, in the centuries following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 AD.

It was brought there by the Royal Navy and English merchant sailors

Supermarket originated in American English.

I belive it was Europe that it came from.

There is no such word as 'jablafun' in the English language.

The English words "will come tomorow " are translated into "Ndaletsa mutsuli" in African Luhya language.

Coinage, or borrowing if it has come from another language.

No. Both English and German came from the same ancestor: Germanic.

Pekingese is not a word in english. But the pekingese is from Peking, China

38 I believe at the moment, but the English language is forever changing, so may not be the same in years to come,

It came into the English language from the Anglo-Norman "sulfre", which derived from the Latin "sulfur".

English did not come from either Latin or Hebrew:Hebrew and English are from entirely different language families.Latin and English both evolved from Indo-European.

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