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Ethane a Alkene?

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Ethane is not an Alkene. Ethane is an Alkane and Ethene is an Alkene

Alkene always end in 'ene'
Whilst alkane always end in 'ane'
So dont get mixed up!! =D
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What is the difference between Ethane and Ethylene?

ethane is CH3-CH3, an alkane ethylene is CH2=CH2, an alkene.

Why does ethene have different chemical properties from ethane?

Ethene has a double bond and is an alkene whereas ethane has no double bond and is an alkane.

What are shorter chain hydrocarbons?

Methane, ethane, propane, butane are shorter chain hydrocarbons. Their alkene and alkyne equivalents are too.

Is C5H10 alkane or alkene?

If it follows the general formula CnH2n, then it is an alkene. C5H10 is pentene - a member of the alkene family.

What is the Alkene boiling point?

Which alkene? Ethylene, propylene, eicosene???

Is an alkene an organic compound?

Alkene is an unsaturated chemical compound.

Compare and contrast ethane ethene and ethyne?

Ethane - A colorless odorless alkane gas used as fuel. Ethene - A flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic. Ethyne - A colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis.

Is C6H12 an alkene?

This could be the molecular formula for an alkene, but it is also the molecular formula of cyclohexane, which is not an alkene. Therefore, the question has no unambiguous answer.

Is there any structural formula of n ethane and iso ethane like n butane and iso butane?

Ethane has no structural isomers and hence there is no n-ethane and iso-ethane.

What are the advantages of ethane?

what are the advantages of ethane?

Is ethene a alkene?

Yes it is an alkene. It is in fact the smallest alkene molecule. Its chemical formula is C2 H4. Hope this helps :P

How do you prepare butanw from ethane?

in first step prepare ethane to chloro ethane fallowed by wurtz reaction. chloro ethane can be prepared free radical reaction btw ethane and chlorine

Is it possible for an alkane to be an isomer of an alkene?

Yes, if the alkane is cyclic and the alkene is not.

What is the properties of both ethane and ethane?

Your question is about the properties of both 'ethane and ethane', Ethane is a colorless odorless gas that is used as a refrigerant and a fuel. It is a byproduct of the refining process and is isolated from natural gas.

C4H8 - alkene or alkane?

C4H8 is an alkene because the general formula of an alkene (CnH2n) applies to it but not he formula of alkane (CnH2n+2)

Is ethane a allotrope?

Ethane is an allotrop of carbon.

Is ethane hydrophobic?

Ethane is insoluble in water.

Do alkene contains double bond?

yes alkene contains double bond.

What are the physical properties of ethane?

physical properties of ethane

Does ethane conduct electricity?

Ethane is a nonconductive compound.

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