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Exercise has many positive effects on the cardio respiratory system. Some include increasing stamina, increasing lung capacity, endurance and heart health.

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Any activity that increases your heart and respiration rate is cardio exercise.

Yes. Cardio meaning increasing your heart rate and aerobic means taking in more air or increasing your cardio-respiratory function.

When you do cardio respiratory exercises, you enable more blod flow and you exercise the heart. The breathing in respiratory exercises also cleanse the breathe and helps you have more oxygen in the body.

Cardio respiratory exercise means involving mainly ur breathing partern and lessen the effort to breath easily.. The best n the simple most cardio respiratory exercise for me has been jogging at a normal pace.. Includes mostly all your muscles and above all ones respiratory system.

The immediate effects are an increase in respiratory rate and cardiac output.The long term effects are a more efficient work, a lowering of the heart and respiratory rate at rest, a faster time reaction to sudden effort, more endurance, better blood oxygenation, higher threshold.

Yes, it can improve your maximum amount of oxygen or VO2 max, and therefore can improve your cardio-respiratory fitness

Aerobic exercises builds cardio-respiratory endurance. Running is very good for the same. Swimming is also very good

The respiratory system is unimportant during strength training and stretching. It is very important during cardiovascular exercise (cardio). Regular cardio that is neither too mild nor too strenuous can be very beneficial to your body. .

what is the meaning of cardio respiratory endurance

enumerate 3 cardio respiratory illness

the definition of cardio respiratory endurance is the functions of the heart

hypertension may be reduced immediatly following and for almost 24 hours after cardio respiratory exercise

Cardio-respiratory - refers to the heart and lungs.

Yes, when done energetically trampolining is cardio exercise. Any activity that increases your heart and respiration rates is cardio exercise. There are different degrees of cardio from very mild to very intense.

Strengthens and increases your cardio respiratory aspects of fitness.

Walking is a cardio exercise recommended by doctors. Walking is mild cardio exercise. It is easier on your body than running or jogging and it is sustainable long term.

The cardio-respiratory system consists of the cardio vascular system (heart and blood vessels) together with respiratory system (lungs and air ways).anything other than those are NOT component of the The cardio-respiratory system.

It depends on what type of cardio exercise you are doing. The only muscle that will get a workout regardless of your chosen cardio activity is your heart.

It happens when someone stops their exercise program. It can take up to two weeks for muscular strength to change.

It can help you to lose weight a tiny bit of weight but it isn't a proper exercise unless the dancing is done at a cardio pace. The best exercise is cardio exercise. Cardio exercise can be such things as brisk walking, running, jogging, mini trampolining, cross country skiing and dancing if done in a cardio way.

Some of the top cardio exercise equipment the Bowflex Treadclimber ,Nordic track, Cybex exercise bicycles, Life Fitness equipment and the Pacenmaster Treadmills. Swimming, boxing, jogging are also a cardio exercise.

yes it is . both yoga and cardio are exercises

Yes, when done energetically. Any exercise that increases your heart and respiration rates for a specific period is cardio exercise.