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Even though you have changed the flasher unit your 1992 Pontiac Grand Am turn signal turns on and does not flash?

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Many mistake the hazzard flasher for the turn signal flasher. Maybe you replaced the hazzard flasher? Also, a burned out bulb will not give enough electrical resistance to the circuit, and result in a very slow or stopped flash. Since your flasher is most likely mechanical, turn on your hazzards and put your fingers over the flasher unit. If you feel it click on & off, then you need to find the turn signal flasher.. because you are touching the hazzard flasher.

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If you changed the right front turn signal in a 1992 s10 Chevy blazer and it still doesn't work what could be wrong?

You need to replace the turn signal flasher; turn on the left side and follow the clicking sound. Even though one side works, a faulty flasher can cause this problem.

Where is the turn signal flasher on the 2005 mountaineer?

The flasher is located on driver side,next to steering column.look up at fuses. the flasher is at the top of this fuse panel.i changed mine,i had to turn the fuse panel to get access to flasher,3 bolts hold panel in place,remove them,remove plugs,you should be able to get at flasher.will take some time though

What could be the problem with a 2000 Audi A6 Quattro if the signal lights work sometimes and sometimes they do not?

The first and least expensive thing I would do is replace the turn signal flasher. If the flasher is weak, then it could act-up just as you have suggested. The turn signal flasher is a separate system then the four way or hazard flashers even though they use the same bulbs. Generally, the turn signal flasher (which simply plugs in) is located near the steering column but on your model I would suggest you purchase it from your dealer and ask them to print out the picture of the flasher which will show you it's location. I you. Mark

Why would the signal light turn on but not blink on 1995 sunfire?

I'd guess that either there is a burned out bulb on that side of the car, or your flasher has died. The flasher would affect both sides of the car though.

Why does the signal light on my 1994 jeep chrokee sport stay solid and not flash enen though the bulbs are new?

Did you install the correct bulbs? Replace the flasher unit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes! Flasher unit. Y-THINK-Y

Where is the signal flasher on a 2002 Ford F-150?

Did you get an answer from another source? My turn signals will neither one work sometimes. But other times they work just fine. I am certain that it is the flasher as the emergency flashers don't work sometimes either. Stiil haven't come up with the location of the flasher though.

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Why would a 1993 Geo Prism blinkers stop working even though the fuse has been changed?

You have either a bad flasher, or one of the bulb's are burnt out.

If a turn signal bulb burns out why does it flash faster?

Technically if the bulb burns out it doesn't flash at all. The indicator in the car usually does, though, and that's probably what you're asking about. In many cars, the flashing is controlled by a "flasher" unit, which is essentially a small relay. The delay on the flasher depends on the current draw by the bulb. If the bulb burns out, there is no current draw, and the flasher oscillates faster.

What 2000 Pontiac Firebird with 3 8 liter Turn signals don't flash bulbs have been replaced and they work with hazard lights on Suggestions please or wiring diagram informaton?

Your turn signal flasher is probably bad. Even though the turn signals and the hazard lights use the same bulbs, they operate on different circuits. Don't worry ,this is no big deal. Because the turn signal flashers are placed in different areas on different cars, I suggest you buy the flasher from any GM dealers parts department. Have the parts department print you out a picture of the flasher which will show you the part and its location under your dash. It simply plugs into a receptacle. I hope this helps you. Mark Everybody always says its the flasher, but for me that IS NOT the case. I have replaced the flasher and still have a problem where they flash sometimes and then not at other times. And sometimes they just turn off instead of flash. I haven't figured out what it is for sure, but I have been working on the problem. The flasher is a good place to start, but there is something else going on with mine... - Sheldon

How do you locate and repair the turn signal flasher relay switch for a 2001 Daewoo Leganza which remains on after the ignition is off?

i have just replaced a flasher on a 2001 leganza and it is on the driverside under the dash and is green. Me, too, though mine is a 1998 Right hand drive. It was behind the bonnet lever. Once removed, recognize it as three spades with 31, 49, 49a marked on an original (though not on my replacement).

Is the Pontiac g6 gt a model of car?

Yes. The Pontiac G6 GT is a car that is produced by Pontiac. It is considered a sports car even though it is a compact family car. The engine is a v6 though.

What would cause a right signal light not to work on the front and rear even in the hazard mode?

Hey Greg==Ther e can be a coulple of causes. one, the turn signal switch or the lights don't have a good ground. Check it out. GoodluckJoe Thank you for the reply Joe. I pulled the flasher relay apart and the Mazda has two relays and a circuit board inside. Both relays appeared to work fine, but no right side signal lights. I squeezed the circuit board together and ...voila,signals. I am thinking it is a crack in the circuit board of the flasher. Even though the flasher is $80.00 Canadian, at least it isn't the wiring. Thanks Again Greg

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?

It is on the back of the fuse box. Not easy to get to but its there. Take the lower dash panel off of the driveside under the column and then remove the fuse box. Its back there, I promise, kinda a pain to get to though

How do you replace the turn signal flasher on a 1993 Cutlass Ciera?

I just replaced mine, it was flashing erratically. It's located behind the fuse block which is in the glove compartment. Instead of removing the fuse block though I found it much easier to remove the ash try (4 screws), and to the right of that inside the dash was the flasher unit hanging right there.

How do you replace the turn signal flasher on a 1988 Buick Century?

It is definitely not located in the fuse box, you must go to the drivers side of the vehicle, crawl under the front seat, remove the screws right above the gas and brake pedal to remove the panel to access the flasher. It will be a little ways up, clipped in place. you can pull it out and replace easily though.

Why is the left turn signal blinking fast on your 2005 Dodge Neon after replacing both front and rear bulbs?

Double check the bulbs you replaced, you may have installed one incorrectly or one of the bulbs is faulty. See sources and related links below for bulb information. I have seen that the turn signal flasher can cause this to occur. One side flashes faster than the other side even though all bulbs are working. The remedy is to replace the flasher unit.

What is the price of a Pontiac GTP?

The price of a Pontiac GTP varies between regions and stores. The average price for a Pontiac GTP is around $13,000 USD, though it will fluctuate depending on the lot it is purchased from.

Why would there be a squealing noise from under the dash?

My guess is a turn signal flasher, I think it is part # 552 or #323. It is the diameter of a quarter and about 1" long. usually silver in color. Locate it when it makes the noise to confirm it. If it is buy a new one, usually a few bucks. If that is the problem... Flasher? Nope! This'll be a speedometer or a speedometer cable! If the noise is present when the car is motionless, my theory is blown, though. Couldn't it be the heater fan?

Why don't your flashers or turn signals work?

On most late model cars the power for this system comes though a single fuse and through a single flasher. On current production of many cars this system is controlled by the body control module and each system ( left signal, right signal and emergency flashers ) has its own fuse. In this case it is likely the steering column switch assembly has failed or become disconnected.

Why wont your fan turn on in my1999 Saturn sl even though the thermostat and sensor has been changed?

It takes a 5 volt signal from the Quad module or PCM to turn the fan on. Check voltage going threw plug.

Why will the turn signals work only if flashers are on but the flashers will not work at all?

The relay that handles the turn signals is separate from the relay that handles the hazards. Most likely you have a burned out turn signal relay. Most likely the relay is located in your fuse panel and is a very inexpensive item to replace. turn signals and hazards have separate flasher cans both look the same and are generally in the fuse box replace the hazard flasher can. they cost about 2 dollars at auto store HOUNDDAWG ADDS: There may be a lamp with one of the turn signal elements burned out. If one is burned out turn signals may not work even though the lamp appears to be working when the lights are on. Otherwise replace emergency flasher or possibly turn signal switch in steering wheel. gaffer0118 adds: I had the same problem on my 2003 Saturn L200. When I cycled the Hazard Signal/switch for about 30 seconds, both left and right turn signals once again worked!!

What was Chief Pontiac most noted for?

Chief Pontiac was known for several things, he was noted for leading a rebellion if you will. It was during a war against Europe, there is a lot of controversy though.

What would cause blinkers on a 1996 dodge ram to stop working even though the fuses and the hazards work and replaced the flasher fuse to?

I have a 1996 D R and have the same problem. Apparently the flasher switch needs to be replaced.

Where is the flasher component box on a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme?

In order to locate and replace the cylindrical shape flasher module, the four screws holding the fusebox in must be removed. The glove compartment door hinge is sort of in the way so it is best to remove glove compartment screws, though glove compartment door will still stay on. the cylindrical shape flasher module is located behind fusebox and it has to be searched for by feeling for it. In my case I found it by reaching behind fusebox to the left. I was told to first turn on my four way directional signal so that after I disconnected the cylindrical shape flasher module I knew for sure that I was not disconnecting the four way cylindrical shape module. Now the cylindrical shape flasher module that I removed was yellow in color and the one I bought to replace the cylindrical shape flasher module was silver in color. Getting the fuse box out took a little tilting and angeling to get out