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Everything works but the ignition will not turn over the starter was checked out and it was fine?

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You need to rephrase this question. If everyhting works - electrical is fine, mechanical is fine, etc. starter works...what doesn't? The ignition does NOT turn the car over, ever. Different system. If you're sure the keyswitch is ok, the problem will be the keyswitch, the neutral lockout switch or a bad electrial connection.

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Why won't car start Everything works but no power to ignition or fuel pump?

Sounds like the starter solenoid. If you turn the key and just hear a "click" then it's probably the starter. You can have your starter checked at a auto store such as Autozone. Just unbolt the starter from the bottom rear of the engine.(3 bolts usually) And then take it in to get checked.. New starters vary in price (average $80).

2000 s10 everything works on ignition switch except start position?

Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad starter? bad starter solenoid?

What could be wrong with a 1991 Acclaim that doesn't crank at all but everything else works?

If you know the battery is good, then you have a bad ignition switch or starter, or a loose wire.

Why would nothing happen when you turn the key on a 2001 Blazer if everything electrical works?

Starter relay, neutral/park safety switch, ingition switch in the column, ignition fuse.

Battery works starter will not turn Is it the starter?

That is not anywhere near enough information to make a determination about the status of the starter. Could be the starter, but could be the starter solenoid, wiring problems or even the ignition switch.

Your Chevy Impala is not starting sometimes When ignition is put into on position everything works the car just does not start Can anyone help with this?

Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Dead spot on starter? Bad neutral safety switch?

Where is the starter relay on 1994 Chevy Caprice?

I can not find the starter relay fuse on my caprice. I turn the key all the lights come on but that's it I checked the starter it works. no passkey light.

Your gas oven quit working but the stove top stil works?

Check pilot or starter. You have gas, but no ignition.

How does an engine starter works?

The solenoid activates the contact when the ignition key is on which inturn turn the engine then starts the engine.

When 1999 Chrysler Concorde won't start no power to dash but everything else works Checked battery and tried jumping it could it be a fuse of some sort?

its the ignition coil ..eeds replacing becuz i had the same thing happen to me

If the lights still come on and the kick start works sporadically why won't the electric start work on my Yamaha Vino 125?

If the kick starter works, but only works sporadically, but the electric starter won't work at all, this usually means that the starter assembly is bad. The kick start is able to generate enough power manually to create ignition, but the electric is not.

What does the fusible link operates off a car battery?

Typically, just about everything except the starter. But then the starter solenoid works off the keyswitch, so the starter won't engage if the fusable like is bad.

When trying to start your car and the electricity and everything still works and it doesn't even make a noise as if it were trying to start what is wrong?

Start with the basics. Is the battery fully charged? Are the battery post clean and tight. If you answer yes to both of these and the engine will not turn over and you hear nothing, suspect the starter, starter solenoid, or ignition switch is defective.

What would cause a 2001 Saturn SC2 to not crank battery works and when the key is turned there is no sound and the car will not crank?

Bad starter or fualty battery connections. Check all grounds and/or bring the starter to autozone to have it checked

Where is the ignition on a Corvette?

The new ones do not have one. You get a fob that you carry in your pocket, and it sends a signal to the car, so everything works by pushbutton.

1986 Nissan 300zxnon-turbo will not start you turn the key and basically everything electical works but the starter makes no sound is it the starter ecu or clutch sensor and how do I fix it?

The most probable cause is the starter, the starter cable may need to be cleaned.If that doen't work then replace the starter.

What to do 1994 Pathfinder with ignition problems Doesn't like to start but always eventually does Replaced the battery starter alternator cellunoid and ignition switch Lights radio always works?

check fuses make sure there are no shorts in the wiring. make sure that the starter is on properly and that the nut is tight that holds the positive wire.

How do you remove ignition switch tumbler from 97 Chevy pu?

ya poop on it poop works for everything i fix my phone with meh poop

How does the ignition in Rx7 turbo works?

dont wanna sound condescending but believe it or not its exactly the same as the ignition system from any other auto maker. comprised of a battery, coils, plugs and a starter motor. any ignition issues shoudl be easily resolved by any competant local mechanic. dont wanna sound condescending but believe it or not its exactly the same as the ignition system from any other auto maker. comprised of a battery, coils, plugs and a starter motor. any ignition issues shoudl be easily resolved by any competant local mechanic.

Can you start the egnine from the starter itself on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

No. But if you turn the key and the ignition works but it doesn't turn over then your starter solenoid is bad. Now if that's the case you can take a piece of metal and arc the power between the two terminals of the solenoid (this completes the circuit to the starter) as long as the ignition is working properly. Now where the solenoid is I can't help you much but it's probably along the side of the engine bay.

Why wont your Suzuki vitara start the battery is new and works but the engine doesnt click or start what could be wrong?

"Dead" Starter CircuitsI'm not familiar with your vehicle, but...I suspect that the problem is an "open circuit" conditionin the circuit between your ignition switch and the starter solenoid, or possibly the starter solenoid itself.Something that is supposed to be in contact is disconnected, or possibly the contacts inside the ignition switch have failed and won't make contact.

Where is a ECM power relay located for a 2000 passat?

big relay with numbers 377 controls wipers and works as main supply for others like windows sunroof ignition and starter.....

How a soft starter works?


Your truck won't start all power is on battery is fully charge everthing works but engine won't turn over won't make a sound?

I had this happen twice on my Honda Odyssey, once it was the ignition switch (under the dash behind the key slot), and the second time it was the starter. I would get the starter checked before you start replacing parts. Most auto zones and advance auto parts stores have a testing bench for starters.

2001 xterra won't start new battery won't turn over headlight come on and radio works no wipers turnsignals or odometer all fuses checked?

You may need to have your starter checked. If the radio comes on, then its not the battery. Does the truck make a clicking sound when you try to turn over the engine. If it makes a click -click noise when you try to start, then its not your starter.

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