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Ok bud try supplying 12volts to slot g of obd under driver side dash if the fuel pump kicks on than you know now that the fuel pump is good. If so than were both in the same sittuation I think its the ignition switch and will find out with in a week let you know how that goes.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-20 09:54:24
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Q: Everyting on car works but fuelpump and ignition wants wrong has new relay and components as well still dont start can you help?
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Your fuel pump and the fan wont turn off when the ignition is turned off on my 97 mercury trio?

check your relay for the cooling fan and fuelpump

Where is the fuelpump relay on a 92 ford mustang 5.0?

Rear passenger fender well

VW Quantum Fuelpump Relay Location?

I have had good success with this is for the 1987 quantum and shows the local of the fuel pump relay as well as most other electrical components.,%20vezetekeles%20passat%20angol%20Electrical_Component_Locator.pdfs

Where is the ignition relay on a 1990 Grand Am?

It has no relay.

Where is the ignition relay on a 1992 GMC G2500 conversion van?

That 92 GMC van doesn't have a relay for ignition. Power for the ignition is supplied from the ignition switch.

Where is the fuelpump relay on a rover 214?

its near the battery and it is a black box with 2 wiring plugs underneath it.

2001 s10 4.3 vortex were is the fuelpump relay?

in rear of glove box behind small cover

Where is the fuelpump relay located 2oo1 mercy couger?

On a 2001 Mercury Cougar : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment ( Relay " R 1 " is the fuel pump relay )

Your ford expedition turns over but wont start could it b fuelpump relay or fuelpump it self?

Yes, it could be either. It could also be ignition problems, plugged fuel filter or a long list of OTHER possible problems. Don't just throw parts at it in hopes that you find the problem. Investigate and figure out what's wrong before you buy any parts.

Where is the ignition relay in a 1997 Nissan PU 2wd?

no such relay.

Where is the fuelpump relay on a 91 silverado?

under the hood on the passenger side on the firewall behind a black plastic panel

What supplies voltage to fuelpump on 2002 s-10 pickup with 2.2 liter?

The fuel pump relay located in the fuse/relay center under the hood.

Nopower gets to fuelpump?

Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.

What is a ignition relay?

The relay is a device that typically uses low amperage 12 vdc electrical (control voltage) to switch a much higher amperage circuit (load voltage). In the case of an ignition relay, the key/ignition switch is not capable of handling the high amperage requirements of the engine components electrical draw, so a relay is run in the circuit and controlled with the keyswitch. The relay has an electromagnet (control) and a switch (load) inside, and the electromagnet moves the switch when the control is energized. You do not ALWAYS have to have a burned fuse to have a bad relay, the contacts on the switch can burn, or the wire in the electromagnet can open, both resulting in a non-functioning relay.

How do you find ignition relay switch on a 1992 Ford Escort 1.6 efi?

There won't be a relay for the ignition. You may have a "blown" fuse.

Where is the location of the ignition relay on a 1996 Mitsubishi Magna?

The ignition relay is under the air filter box on the right hand side

Where is the fuelpump relay on a 96 q45?

The fuel pump relay switch on a 1996 Infiniti Q45 isn't very hard to find or get to. If you go to your passenger side and remove the kick panel you will see the fuel pump relay.

What is a niehoff ignition relay?

a relay used in the starting of cars..randy niehoff

Where is your ignition relay on 1994 gmc?


Lesabre ignition relay location?

What year lesabre ... Are you referring to the starter relay? yes

Where is the Mercedes Ignition Control Unit on a 280SL Mercedes?

where is the ignition relay on a 1994 280 sl

Will ignition relay keep your car from starting?


Where is the main relay switch for a 240sx?

If you mean the ignition relay its in the drivers footwell behind the fust box. brown relay on top

Location relay starter ignition in 1995 Nissan quest?

The starter relay aka the starter solenoid is located under the hood by the starter.... the Ignition relay is located under the driverside dash behind the fuse panel.

Where is the fuel reset switch located on a 1992 Cadillac Seville?

no "reset switch" on these cars the powertrain control module controls the fuelpump via a relay