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Diploid cells reproduce by mitosis, making daughter cells that are exact replicas. Examples of diploid cells are skin, blood, and muscle cells.

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What cell type is diploid?

For example, a human somatic cell is diploid.

What is the diploid number in a human cell?

In a human cell the diploid number is 46 chromosomes.

What is the diploid number of chromosome in the cell of a human?

The diploid number of chromosomes in a human cell is 46.

Are gemets diploid or haploid?

Gametes are haploid cells because they only contain half of the chromosomes of a diploid cell. For example, a human somatic (diploid) cell contains 46 chromosomes. Therefore, a haploid cell contains 23 chromosomes.

How many base pairs of DNA are in a human diploid cell?

There are 3 billion base pairs per cell in a human diploid.

What is the total number of chromosome in a human diploid cell?

A human diploid cell has 46 chromosomes in the form of 23 pairs of chromosomes.

How many chromosomes do diploid cells have?

diploid cells have double set of chromosomes. It varies across species. For example, diploid human cell has 46 chromosomes, while a cell of carp fish has about 100 chromosomes, very roughly.

Is a stomach cell a haploid or a diploid cell?

Stomach contains somatic cells. They have diploid cells

What are diploid cells give an example of a diploid cell in the human body?

Diploid cells are cells that have the full number of chromosomes and so have two copies of each chromosome. For example, all human diploid cells have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). All human cells are diploid, excluding the gametes (sperm cells and egg cells), which are haploid. Examples of diploid cells in humans are muscle cells and liver cells.

Where does a diploid occur?

A diploid occurs when two haploid cells join together. An example of a cell in a diploid state is a somatic cell in humans.

How many pairs of chromosomes does a diploid have?

A human diploid cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes.

What is the human diploid number for chromosomes?

There are 46 chromosomes in a human diploid cell (22 paired autosomes, 2 sex chromosomes).

What is an example of a diploid cell in your body?

Any cell except a gamete (sperm or egg) is diploid, so a muscle cell or a nerve cell will be suitable examples.

Is a dipolid cell a body cell?

Every cell in the human body (excluding gametes) is a diploid cell.

What is the difference between somatic cell and a sex cell?

A somatic cell is a body cell. It has the diploid number of chromosomes. For example, human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes (in 23 pairs). A sex cell is a gamete (sperm or egg cell). It has the haploid number of chromosomes. For example, human gametes have 23 chromosomes.

How do you maintain diploid?

You will always be diploid. All human somatic cells are diploid while sex cells are haploid(or half of a diploid cell). Haploid cells vary based on which chromatids are in the cell. A chromatid is half of a chromosome. sleepingdogstudios.com

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