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Example of a vertabrate?

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What is and example of a vertabrate animal?

Me! -Dr. Bosch

Is a ostrich a vertabrate?

it is a vertabrate

Is owl a vertabrate or invertebrate?


Is a edelie penguins a invertebrate or vertabrate?

its a vertabrate

Is a flying squirrel an invertebrate or a vertabrate?

A flying squirrel is a vertabrate

Is the Yellow billed spoonbill an invertebrate or a vertabrate?

its a vertabrate, all birds are vertabrates

Is a Chinese giant salamander a vertabrate or invertabrate?

is a chinese giant salamander a vertabrate

Is a common snipe vertabrate or invertebrate?

the common snipe is a vertabrate. they are a kind of bird with a spine.

What is the the function of a vertabrate?

Assuming you mean vertebrate and not vertabrate, its function is to propagate its gene line.

Is a pigeon a vertabrate?

Yes it is

Is a hedgehog a vertabrate?


Is an eel a vertabrate?


Is a seagull a vertabrate?


Is a alligator an vertabrate?

An alligator is an animal with a backbone. Vertebrates have backbones. Non-vertebrates don't have backbones. An alligator IS a vertabrate.

Is a poodle a vertabrate or inverabrate?

It is a vertabrate. inverabrates have no back bones, while poodles very much so have a back.

Is a flounder an invertebrateor a vertebrate?


Is a turkey a ectothermic vertabrate?

No it is endothermic

What is a group of animals that has a spine?


Is a seaotter an vertabrate or invertebrate?


What is an animal with a skull and a backbone?

it is a vertabrate

Are hummingbirds vertabrate or invertebrate?


Why is a snake a vertabrate?

Because it has a skeleton !

Is a chipmunk an invertebrate or a vertabrate?


Is a earthworm a invertabrate or a vertabrate?


Is an ostrich a vertabrate or invertebrate?


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