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What is the singular possessive of notary public?

The possessive form of the singular noun notary public is notary public's.example: This form requires a notary public's signature.

What is the notary of the public?

A "Notary Public" or a "Public Notary" is a legal professional (e.g. a Lawyer) who can put their signature on a document and say it is what it says it is. For example, you may need a Notary Public to sign a photocopy of your passport to show that it is a genuine photocopy of your actual passport.

What is notarial?

"Notarial" is an adjective describing something related to a Notary Public. For example, an act performed by a Notary Public is a "notarial act"; records kept by a Notary Public are "notarial records"; etc.

Do I have to be a registered notary public in order to purchase a notary stamp?

Only a notary public can order a notary stamp. It is not difficult o become a notary public.

Is a doctor a notary public?

A notary public can *also* be a doctor. But, being a doctor does not make you a notary public.

Is a priest doctor or postmaster a notary public?

Only if they have received their notary commission from the Notary control board of their state. Nobody picks up a notary commission automatically with a job title. I believe that the answer above is incorrect. This will vary from state to state. For example in Minnesota legislators are automatic notary public as well attorneys.

Who has a notary?

A notary public can be found at several locations. Most banks have them and all UPS Stores have a notary public.

What is a notary public and how is it public?

A notary public is a person who has applied and become licensed to act as a witness to another person's identity. Public simply infers that the notary is available to provide this act as a service for a nominal fee. Most often, states "cap" the amount that a person can charge for the service. For example, a state may decide that a notary public can only charge up to $5.00 for notarizing a document.

What is abbreviation of notary public?

I do not believe that there is an accepted abbreviation for the designation of "Notary Public."

In Canada where can you find a notary public?

A law enforcement officer is a notary public.

In Canada who can sign as a notary public?

Only a notary public can sign. Often Lawyers are also Notary Publics as well.

Is a warranty deeds notary any different from a regular notary public?

There is no such thing as a "warranty deeds notary". A notary public in the U.S. can notarize any document.

Is a librarian a public notary?

Licenses to be a Notary Public are granted to individuals, not to positions. So unless a librarian has received such a license he or she is not a Notary Public. If he - or anyone - is a notary, the fact is often publicized at the location, or elsewhere.

Does a notary public work in India?

A notary public from the United States will not work in India. A notary public is good in the states and counties that they are allowed to work in, not in foreign countries.

What is the plural of notary public?

The plural form of 'notary public' is notaries public.The noun 'notary' is the word for the person, the word that forms the plural, two or more notaries.

How do you use nominal in a sentence?

Patty charged a nominal fee for her notary public services. The word nominal is an adjective and in this sentence means token.

How do you complete notary section for power of attorney?

You have to go to a notary public, present ID, and then sign the document in the presence of the notary public. Then the notary public attaches his/her seal to the document, and signs it. There will be a fee for the service, however, many banks have free notary services for their customers.

What is the difference between a notary public and a Canadian commissioner of oath?

A notary public can notarize signatures for documents here in the U.S. However in some cases an individual that resides in Canada and will not have access to a notary public. Some legal documents requires a notary public and in that case I would advise the Canadian to go to the nearest American notary public (possibly an Embassy).

Can a notary public marry someone in the state of Pennsylvania?

can a notary public marry people in the state of Pennsylvania

Can a police officer sign a notary public?

Not unless they are a registered notary.

Can a police officer sign as a notary?

Not unless he is a registered notary public.

Who can be a notary public?


Can a notary public in Alabama perform marriage?

No. A notary public commissioned in the state of Alabama is not authorized to perform marriages.

Can a notary public notarize a document for a family member in Alabama?

A notary public does not notarize a document. He/she can notarize a signature.

Who counts as the notary public?

Anyone who has applied for and received their state notary certification. More specifically, notary public is not a title that arrives for free when you become a doctor, lawyer, or judge, you must still apply to become a notary and pass the notary test.