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Examples of a pun?

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I saw the base ball coming at me, and then it hit me.

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What are examples of a pun?

Oh pun the door, please.

Can you list 10 examples of pun?

sorry even i am searching for that

What are examples pun?

Well a "pun" is a joke exploiting the different possible meaning of a word. Ex. Thinking about the root canal I am about to have is unnerving.

What are some examples of pun?

"If you break your leg, don't come running to me..."

What is a pun and what are the examples?

A pun is a clever play on words. An example is "lettuce eat this salad," since "lettuce" sounds like "let us."

What are examples of pun in As You like It play?

the truest poetry is the most feigning to helping

What are the examples of pun?

An example of a pun: - I hate gravity it always keeps me down! -sign language is pretty handy - He got hit by lightning! It was very shocking (very punny :) a pun is a joke that is a play on words hope this helps!

Examples of pun?

The angry ice cube boiled with anger, then let off some steam

What is pun knife?

A pun knife is a pun that cuts.

Can you give 10 examples of a pun sentence?

I can bearly answer this question because it is a bear of a question. We need the bear facts to answer.

How do you use pun in a sentence?

I will annoy you with a pun if you don't o-pun this door!

What books have a pun?

Books on acu pun cture. Crime and Pun ishment.

What is a belly pun?

There is nothing found for the term belly pun. A pun is a play on words.

Whats a Pun?

A pun is a humorous play on words.

What is an example sentence with pun?

Nobody found the pun funny.He liked to crack a pun occasionally.

What are some sentences using the word 'pun'?

A man who makes a pun should be drawn and quoted.

Is the word pun an adjective?

No, pun is a noun and a verb.

An examply for pun?

A pun is a play on words that is meant for amusement or humor. An example of a pun is, "He was a horrible doctor; he had no patience."

Sentence using pun?

I am banking on Westpac lending me the money-no pun intended! I like writing answers, I do it for the pun of it.

What is a Pun for being late?

Could not o-pun my eyes.

When was Letter to Pun created?

Letter to Pun was created in 2005.

How tall is Pun Bandhu?

Pun Bandhu is 5' 10".

How do you use a pun in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.He never thinks a pun is funny.The pun is the lowest form of humor.

What are the comparative and superlative forms of mad?

pagal pun ha Jo pagal pun nahi he aur Jo pagal pun he who kabhi kabhi pagal pun nahi hotha he

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