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Examples of chemical reactions and there formula?

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platinum and nitric acid >>>> platinum nitrate

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More chemical reactions?

what are some examples of chemical reactions? what are some examples of chemical reactions?

Examples of a chemical reaction?

whata are some examples aof chemical reactions?

Are chemical reactions useful?

yes some chemical reactions are harmful to us. as digestion of food, photosynthesis, decomposition of organic waste are some examples of the useful chemical reactions.

What are some fast chemical reactions in everyday life?

Fireworks and wood burning are good examples of fast chemical reactions =]

What are enzymes and roles in chemical reactions?

Enzymes are the catalysts of chemical reactions in organisms. Examples: lactase, catalase, insulin, zymase.

What is chemical equation for zinc?

If you mean chemical formula it is "Zn" Equations are for reactions.

What is the difference betweeen Structural formula and Chemical formula?

There are three types of chemical formulas. Chemical formulas describe chemical reactions. Anyways, the second type of chemical formula is the structural formula. The structural formula is the most informative out of the three, and it is the longest.

What are two chemical reactions that require energy in order to occur?

These chemical reactions are called endothermic. Examples: combustion, thermal decompostion.

What chemical reaction releases free energy?

only nuclear reactionsChemical reactions that release free energy are called exergonic reactions. Fire and cellular respiration are examples of exergonic reactions.

All of the chemical reactions in an organism?

Several chemical reactions occur in organisms. Protein and lipid synthesis, oxidation, glycolysis, hydrolysis, urea formation, and cellular respiration are all examples of chemical reactions.

What are some examples of a chemical change in matter?

Synthesis, decomposition, combustion, and oxidation are some examples of chemical changes (reactions) of matter.

Examples of Chemical Reactions?

Bubbles, and heat change are examples of chemical reactions. When a chemical reaction happens, a compound is formed. It cant be separated. Another example could be change of colour. -making caramel sauce -getting a suntan

What are the chemical reaction that cause pollution?

Chemical reactions are sources of pollution. Some examples of these reactions are: combustion, burning of fossil fuels and acid rain.

What are the examples of salt and their chemical formula?

Copper sulfate, chemical formula CuSO4Sodium chloride, chemical formula NaClSodium chromate, chemical formula H2CrO4Mercury sulfide, chemical formula HgSCalcium carbonate,CaCO3

What are two examples of chemical properties and why are they chemical properties?

Two examples are flammability and resistance to corrosion; both are chemical properties because they are in connection with chemical reactions and change of the molecule structure.

What are non examples of a chemical formula?

H, N, Xe are chemical symbols not formulas. CaCO3 is a chemical formula.

How are compounds and formulas related?

All chemical compounds will have a chemical formula. For instance, the calcium chloride has formula CaCl2. Elements, on the other hand, have chemical symbols. Chemical reactions can be represented by chemical equations.

What chemical reactions occur within a cell?

Some examples of chemical reactions that occur in the cell are cellular respiration, protein synthesis, DNA replication, and transcription.

What is the relationship between chemical properties and chemical changes?

The chemical properties of a substance (chemical formula) are special characteristics that influence the chemical reactions of this substance.

What is some good chemical reactions?

Some examples are burning, rusting, and Combustion

What do the chemical reactions that occur during burning and rusting have in common?

They are both examples of oxidation reactions and have oxygen as the oxidizing agent.

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