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His eyes shone like the hot intensity of a thousand suns.

My heart began to beat faster than a running fox, trying to escape death from blood thirsty hounds.

The tree's branches hanged in pain, due to the harassing wind.

It's really easy, just picture yourself in the story and put lots of similes and a few juxtapositions in there too.

I hope these examples help.

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What is the difference between descriptive and illustrative writing?

Descriptive writing communicates a dominant impression through the use of concrete sensory details, while illustrative writing uses examples to 'illustrate' a main idea.

What is the difference of descriptive writing to feature writing?

a descriptive writing is a when you are describing something and a feature writing is when you are writing about a magazine.

Descriptive and illustrative writing?

Descriptive writing usually will be more factual than illustrative writing. Illustrative writing, however, tends to flow and flower much as a morning glory unfolds to greet the day. Incidentally, each of the preceding sentences were themselves examples of what they were written about.

Examples of a descriptive writing of a person?


What is a example of descricptive writing?

Numerous examples of 'descriptive writing' abound in contemporary cultural as well as historical sources for texts. For example, travel magazines and travel sections of news documents provide descriptive pieces -- of tourist-destinations or otherwise beautiful or attractive places of interest. Many historical texts, such as the journals of explorers, as well as studies of art or culture also serve as helpful examples of descriptive writing.

What is a descriptive and developmental research?

descriptive writing is about description and describing.

When do you start a new paragraph in descriptive writing?

You start a new paragraph in descriptive writing when you start a new topic

What is descriptive writing?

Descriptive Writing is a type of writing in which you describe something so much it seems you are in the story. An example of descriptive words for describing a leaf- weak, tender, colorful, explosion of colors, so on and so on

Example of a descriptive research method title?

give some examples of descriptive reseach titles give some examples of descriptive reseach titles

What is a subgenre of descriptive nonfiction?

nature writingnature writing

What kind of writing uses facts to explain?

Descriptive writing

Which of these is an example of descriptive nonfiction?

Nature writing

What are the characteristics of strong descriptive writing?

to sell

What is an example of a descriptive segment in writing?


What is the purpose of writing a composition about a sunset?


Is autobiography descriptive or narative writing?

not sure, but i would say descriptive as when you are writing one you want to portray a detailed picture. hope this helps x

What is an example of descriptive statistics?

Examples of descriptive statistics are mean, median, mode, and midrange.

Definition of descriptive writing?

descriptive writing is defined as a type of expoitry writing. It means a writer feels the that whatever they are writing is describing what they are writing about, and the reader must be satisfied from it means describing the statement in such a way that the reader get the basic and important information from it easily.

What is an example of descriptive nonfiction?

A lot of travel writing is an example of descriptive nonfiction - Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small islandMuch food writing is also descriptive nonfiction - look up any restaurant review.

What are examples of Descriptive adjectives?

Examples of descriptive adjectives: abrasive abusive aggravating annoying arrogant hero-heroic truth-truthful break-breakable.

Expository writing can also be narrative or descriptive?


What would be a subgenre of descriptive nonfiction?

nature writing

What are examples of descriptive music?

Fremersberg is as good as any

What is the difference of descriptive and expository?

An expository writing is nonfiction and based on facts. A descriptive writing vividly portrays a person, place, or thing in such a way that the reader can visualize the topic and enter into the writer's experience.

What is a descriptive language that forms vivid mental pictures called?

Discriptive writing or visual writing

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