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provide motion,senses,and protection

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Q: Examples of organ systems
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What are some examples of organ sytems?

The nervous system and the respiratory system are examples of organ systems

Give examples of different organ systems in plants vs humans?


What are some external factors that can affect the way your organ systems function?

Smoking and junk food are just some examples that can affect the way your organ systems function.

Examples of how organ systems work together to maintain homeostasis?

Circulatory and respitory system

Two examples of organ systems found in plants?

the shoot system and the root system

What are three organ systems that insects and humans have in common?

The digestive, respiratory and circulatory are three examples of organ systems that insects and humans have in common. Like humans, insects also have nervous, endocrine, muscular and reproductive systems.

How many organ systems do you have?

We have eleven organ systems.

Are organ systems or tissues bigger?

Organ systems.

Do starfish have organ systems?

starfish are cool and should have organ systems cause organ systems are also cool

What is the definition for a system?

A system is any set of things that work together to form a whole. Some examples are ecosystems, political systems, organ systems, weather systems, and transportation systems.

Can you list five examples of tissues and organs and organ systems that's not mentioned in the text?

Wikipedia can help me?

Do blue morpho butterflies have organ systems?

Yes, Blue Morpho Butterflies do have organ systems. They are organisms therefore they have organ systems.

What organ systems do Echinoderms lack?

What organ systems do echinodermes lacking

What are the organ systems of a dog?

Dogs have the same organ systems as humans.

What are the three organ systems in plants?

The organ systems of plants include roots, stems, and leaves. Other organisms have many organ systems.

What forms organ systems?

Organ systems are formed by cells that form tissues, these tissues form organs, and these organs form organ systems. Organ systems are groups of organs that work together to preforms biological functions, such as the circulatory and urinary systems.

What are two examples of organ systems?

Circulation system, respiratory system, excretory system, reproductive system, etc.

What are examples for organisms?

humans, cats, dogs, hamsters, gorilla, plants, anything with at least 2 organ systems

What are the organ systems in animals and their functions?

the animals are made up of organ systems

Is there an organ in two organ systems?

The pancreas is involved in the digestive and the encrodine systems.

How organ systems is most complex and fragile?

Organ systems are most complex and fragile starting with the atoms. The most complex organ systems is the organism. In between are the molecules, cell, tissue, organ, and organ system.

Which organ systems contain your organ?


What do all organ systems do?

All organ systems work to maintain homeostasis in the organism.

Can an organ be part of one or more organ system?

Yes, an organ can be part of one or more organ systems. For instance, the ovary is part of the endocrine and reproductive systems. The skin is part of the integumentary and excretory systems.

Do organ systems interact with each other?

Yes, organ systems interact with each other.