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We now have airplanes to get where we need to go very fast and cars have greatly improved like their miles per gallon , emissions, safety ,and reliability, we also have train tracks all around the world and boats are now designed to cut through the water without using as much power.

For road side transportation their is GPS system due to which you can know your destination you are aware of that roads where is much traffic so you can avoid that roads.

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The discovery of fire was probably first, although nobody really knows for sure which technological development happened first.

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What development represented the Transportation Revolution of the early 1800s

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There are several different modes of transportation. Some examples of transportation are; walking, bicycling, trains, planes, cars, and taxis.

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R. M. Honavar has written: 'National development banks and technological development in India' -- subject(s): Development banks, Finance, Financial institutions, Technological innovations

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Technological development is a development which has changed people's life. Answer: Strictly speaking a technological development is, quite simply, a development (improvement, alteration) of a technology. It doesn't need to change peoples' lives and doesn't even need to be put into service. In engineering it's common to go through a number stages of development before the final variation is decided upon and cleared for production and sale: but the fact remains that each stage from start to finish is a development.

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a car because it help you get faster.

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