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Removable Media is used to save files on it and remove when its needed. So you can use removable Media always by Re-writing mode. Removable media makes it easy for user to move data from one computer to another

In a storage context the main advantage of removable disk is that they can deliver the fast data backup and recovery times associated with storage area netwoks (SANs) whle also providing the portability of tape thatmay be required to meet corparate backup and recovery requirements. The main drawback of removeable media its that its more expensive than tape.

Example: Flash Drive, Floppy Disk, CD-RW

Non removable media is any media that would cause a system halt (blue screen error) if removed while the system is running e.g internal HDD. As opposed to removable media such as USB memory sticks CD/DVDs etc. Non-Removable media, you can save files on it only for one time. you have no a chance to re use it again after you save your file.

You can't Erase Files from Non-Removable Media.







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how can removable and non removable media be used?

A removable storage media is a device that can be used to store data but does not necessarily have to be permanently attached to the computer. Examples of removable storage media include flash disk, diskettes, and CD.

When talking about computers, removable media is used for data storage away from the computer, such as CD-ROMs and USB drives. Non-removable media is part of the computer and is not meant to be removed; a hard disk drive is a common example of this type of media.

Non-removable media, such as a hard drive, provide permanent data storage for a device. Removable media, such as memory sticks, SD cards, and CDs are used to transfer data between computers or give a computer temporary access to some data.

Removable media are used to transfer data between computers, creating backup copies of information and can be used to distribute commercial software between users. Non-removable media is permanently connected to the computer and provides fast access to data. It permits direct access to individual records. So its important to create a backup of data so that when the system crashes the data can be restored.

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No, it is a removable storage medium that may be used by a computer.

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