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Exercises to exercise the pectoral muscles?

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There are many exercises that you can use. For instance push-ups, bench press with barbell or dumbbells (flat bench, incline and decline), dumbbell flyes, dips, cable crossovers, peck deck flyes, etc.

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What can you do for make your breast tight?

There are some very effective and easy exercises that you can add to your exercise routine to help tighten your breasts. Swimming, whether as part of an exercise regiment or for relaxation, is actually a great exercise, not only for your cardiovascular system, but also it works on the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts. Firming up your pectoral muscles by doing push ups, forearm pulls or arm circles are all great exercises for tightening your breasts.

How does exercise help your muscles?

It exercises them.

What exercise can you do to lift you breasts?

Anything involving the working of the pectoral muscles.

Are pushups a good exercise to work off a fat stomach?

No, pushups will tone your biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. To burn stomach fat, you need to diet. Abdominal exercises such as crunches or situps will tone the stomach muscles.

What exercise can do to make your muscles strong?

leg exercises

How exercise ventral muscal?

To exercise ventral muscles, perform abdominal exercises.

How do you flatten pectoral muscles?

In order to flatten pectoral muscles in men, it is best to do cardio exercise. The cardio will burn fat in these areas, therefore making the flabby chest area flattened.

What kind of body parts do you exercise?

Most commonly one exercises skeletal muscles. For example, the quadraceps in the upper-leg, biceps in the upper-arms, or the pectoral muscles of the chest (used in push-ups) are some of the most obvious muscle groups.

What is work out exercises?

work out exercise , an exercise that helps our muscles become stronger and bigger..

What are Pectorals?

"Pecs" refers to the pectoral muscles in the chest. These muscles are under the nipples. To exercise/improve this muscle, do a lot of bench pressing

What are some of the best leg exercises to do?

This depends on what muscles you want to exercise. Your legs contains many muscles including quadriceps, and tibialis. There are few exercises that can at the same time exercise them all. Probably one of the only exercises that can do that is swimming, because swimming works on all your muscles.

What exercises strengthen the pectoral muscles?

Well if you put your feet on a bench and do about 10 press ups the pectoral muscels strengthen, repeat this 4 times every week for great results

Do your muscles tear when you exercise?

Yes...if your doing weight gaining exercises.

Why are pectoral muscles called pecs?

pectoral muscles are called pecs because it is an abbreviation for pectoral there is no reason its just easier to say.

Why is it good to warm up before exercise?

I think it is to prepare our muscles for the exercises so as not to hurt our muscles.

What are pectoral muscles?

muscles found in your chest

How do you exercise the scapula?

The scapula is a bone, and doesn't benefit directly from exercise. You can exercise the shoulder and back muscles by concentrating on exercises that benefit the pectoral, deltoid and latissimus dorsi muscle groups. One very simple one would be the common push-up; another would be the lat (or straight-arm) pull-down.

Does trampolining exercise the Kegel muscles?

No. The Kegel exercises are designed for toning and tightening the PC muscles, the supporting muscles of the pelvic floor, aka the pubococcygeus muscles. The exercises involve the contracting and releasing of these pelvic floor muscles in a controlled way. The large muscle groups that are exercised with jumping and trampolining do not exercise the PC muscles. So, unless you at the same time clench the muscles that you clamp to "hold it in" (like when you have to urinate) while you jump on the trampoline, you will not be doing any exercise of the muscles involved in Kegel exercises. There are no muscles called the Kegel muscles. See the related questions for more details.

You are 21 how can you enlarger your breast size?

I've found several really effective exercises that you can try to increase your breast size. Swimming is actually a great exercise not only for your cardiovascular health, but also to work out the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts. Pushups are another good exercise to add to your exercise routine to tighten your chest area.

What muscles are strengthened as a result of exercises?

It depends on the exercise. You can target any muscles when working out or if playing sports such as basketball many muscles come into play. There is an exercise for almost any part of the body.

What does pectoral exercises do for your body?

Strengthens your chest.

What does pectoral mean?

Chest.Of, relating to, or pertaining to the pectoral muscles, or the chest.

What are some effective exercises for abs?

Any exercise that involves the abdominal muscles or abs will be effective with continued use. Some exercises for abdominal muscles are squats, crunches, the side crunch. There are also exercise equipment made specifically for the abs.

How can you find some exercises for the core muscles and how do you do them?

Some of the popular ways to exercise your core muscles is side bridge, planking, and roll-out on a yoga ball. These exercises can be found easily on websites.

What are some other exercises that work similar muscles as the bench press?

You can try * Dumbbell press * Dumbbell flies * Pec dec flies * Cable cross overs * Push ups * Parallel Bar dips All the above exercises work out the chest or the pectoral muscles. Note: Bench Press is the most basic or rather the best exercise for muscular development in the chest area.

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