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Q: Explain why all plant cells contain mitochondria but only some contain chloroplast?
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Why must cells that contain chloroplast also contain mitochondria?

I think its because chloroplast's main function is photosynthesis for which carbon dioxide is essential which is got from mitochondria which is a seat of aerobic cellular respiration(i.e oxygen is taken in and CARBON DIOXIDE IS LIBERATED).Thus cells that contain chloroplast also contain mitochondria. Hope this helps..... :)

What type of cell has chloroplasts?

Only plant cells have Chloroplast, but they also have Mitochondria. Animal cells do not have Chloroplast, but they do have Mitochondria.

What organelles contain dna?

Nucleus,chloroplast,mitochondria,plasmidsthe mitochondria and chloroplast.DNA is found in the nucleus.DNA is generally located in the nucleus of a cell. There is some DNA in the mitochondria although there is significantly more DNA in the nucleus.In animal cells, DNA can be found in the nucleus and mitochondria of cells. In plant cells, DNA can be found in the nucleus, mitochondria, and chloroplast.

In which cellular compartment genomic DNA can be found?

A cells nucleus, mitochondria or a chloroplast may contain the DNA.

What cells don't contain chloroplast?

onion cells don't contain chloroplast.

Does the nucleus contain the DNA in eukaryotic cells?

More than 90% is in nucleus.DNA also found in mitochondria and chloroplast.

Are the mitochondria and chloroplast?

In plant cells, the chloroplast is an organelle that performs photosynthesis, and he mitochondria is an organelle that produces ATP (energy).

What cells have chloroplast?

Plant cells contain the Chloroplast type organelle.

Is chloroplast found in both animal cells and plant cells?

Nope. It is only in plant cells. The mitochondria is basically the same thing as a chloroplast, only it is found in animal cells. Plant Cell - Chloroplast Animal Cell - Mitochondria

Do plant cells contain mitochondria-?

Plant cells contain mitochondria which they use a source of energy.

What is the type of cell not contain mitochondria?

Prokaryotic cells do not contain mitochondria.

Shape of mitochondria and chloroplast?

The mitochondria and chloroplast are both complex cell organelles that are found in eukaryote cells. These are both oval in shape.

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