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Q: Explain why the second Ionisation Energy of Rubidium is larger than that of Strontium?
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Why is the first ionisation energy of strontium larger than the first ionisation energy of rubidium?

Because, as we know that when we go across the period of the periodic table, the number of shells remain the same but the number of electrons and protons increases. So, Rb having its atomic number as 37 and Sr as 38, Strontium has got more nuclear charge as well as more electrons. As a result the first ionisation energy required to remove one electron is more in Strontium than Rubidium.

What element has 5 energy levels?

Strontium and rubidium have five electron shells/levels.

Ionisation energy of noble gases?

noble gases have the maximum ionisation energy. helium has the highest ionisation energy

Why is 2nd Ionisation Energy greater than 1st ionisation energy?

the energy increases as the charge on the cation increases gradually ie1<ie2<ie3

How does the ionisation energy change down the groups in the periodic table?

Ionisation energy decreases down the group. It is easy to remove an electron.

Why are the ionisation energy of isotopes the same?

no the same,first ionisation contains a slightly differences in isotopes

Define first ionization energy?

first ionisation energy is defined as the energy required for removing of one electron from outer shell is called first ionisation energy(IP1)

Is the ionisation energy of sodium same as chlorine?


What is rubidium ionization energy?

The first molar ionization energy of rubidium is 403 kJ/mol.

First ionisation energy?

the first ionisation energy is the energy required to remove the first most loosely bound elecctron from a neutral gaseous atom in its ground state.

What is the principle energy level of strontium?

The outermost principle energy level for strontium is the 5th energy level.

When does ionisation energy increases?

when we go from left to right

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