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Q: Explain how functional area within 3 star hotel?
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What is functional area in hotels?

What is functional areas of business?

What is the mission of the accounting and finance functional area?

The primary mission of the accounting and finance functional areas is broad. Its purpose is to manage the money that comes into, within, and out of an organization.

In what functional area is asda?

asda is in the functional area of sales, administration and marketing

Explain issues affecting production and operations functional areas?

issues affecting the production and operations functionsal area of an organization

Is the Berlin urban area perceptual or functional?


Which activities can you do at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul?

The Lotte Hotel in Seoul contains exceptional staff support with excellent english speaking workers. There is a pool, fitness, and club area within the hotel.

What to say when the hotel is fully booked?

If you are the clerk, kindly explain that your hotel is full and there are no rooms available. Help the customer find other suitable lodging in the local area.

What is meant by functional areas within an organisation?

The functional areas within an organization means the different departments that a business or company can have that helps a company to achieve its aims. A functional area that you may know is Customer Services - they exist in the most of companies and provide services to the public. Like in clothes shops they lead with refunds.

Is Ireland a functional region or formal region?

I don’t understand still learning about this stuff

Why do firms have functional area?


What would be a good NYC hotel to stay at to see a Knicks game?

A good hotel is the Wingate inn hotel and it located within the area of the Garden. You'll be in walking distance of the game and other great NYC sites.

What are the functional groups in your brain?

sensory area, motor area, and association area.

Difference between a functional area and a management function?

I think that functional area is a place where people works and a management function is a people who manage...

Where is the Rosen Plaza Hotel located?

The Rosen Plaza Hotel is located in Orlando, Florida on International Drive. The hotel offers easy access to popular theme parks in the area, and is within walking distance of the Orange County Convention Center.

Is Seattle a Functional Region?

Yes Seattle is a functional region. A functional region is a region that is distinguished as either a metropolitan area or a city-region.

What is a down town hotel?

A hotel in the down town area

What is Down town hotel?

A hotel in the down town area

How did you decide upon your chosen business functional area?

how did you decide what the area should be

What does functional area mean?

a funtional area is the the main functions that a business consists of

Which functional area of the Organization Domain covers change management?

the executive area.

What are the functional area of Barclays bank?

You are a tw@t

Where is the nearest hotel by Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ?

These are within a 2-mile radius of the marketplace: Comfort Inn Edgewater Homewood Suites by Hilton Edgewater Aloft Harlem Newton Hotel West Park Astor Hotel Days Hotel Broadway Cassa Hotel And Residences Belnord Hotel Imperial Court Hotel The Lucerne Hotel Hotel Belleclaire On The Ave Hotel Excelsior Hotel Super 8 N Bergen Nj Nyc Area Park 79

What is a functional area in a business?

A functional area in a business is basically different sectors which make the business work such as the Finance department which will be responsible for funding the business as a whole.

Meaning of public area in the hotel?

The meaning of a public area in a hotel means that all guests have access to the area. Areas include the lobby, breakfast area, and the pool area.

Functional area of management?

Functional area of management refers to the various tasks that are done in an organization under supervision. These will consists of planning, leading, organizing and coordination of these functions.