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This is clearly lifted from some test paper, omitting the vital diagram. The volume of a rectangular prism is the area of the base multiplied by the height. Same for a cube.

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How the associative property can be used to mentally find the volume of the prism shown?

The exact answer will depend on the details of the prism which is not shown!

What solid figures do you get if you cut the rengtangular prism as shown?

We can get a two cubes because when you cut the rectangular prism you can get it.You will see.^_^

Why is the volume of pyramid is only one third of the volume of the prism?

This is easiest shown through integration. If you don't know how to do integration, divide the pyramid into many thin layers, and assume that each is a rectangular block. Try to do this experiment with the help of a spreadsheet like Excel.

What are rectangular numbers?

rectangular numbers are numbers just displayed in the shape of a rectangle e.g take the number 6 it can be shown as: ** ** or ****** **

How is white light dispersed?

through a prism, once the light is shown through the prism, the white lights colours filter out into a rainbow

Is Mass is the amount of volume in a substance?

no,mass is not the volume but relates directly to the volume as shown by density equation i.e d=m/v

Does Nepal have a rectangular flag?

No, Nepal's flag is the only none rectangular national flag, with the exception of the square flags of Switzerland and the Vatican City. The flag and more details are shown on the related link.

How much paper will be needed to cover a triangular prism shown?

The "shown" triangular prism does not exist as none is shown, therefore no paper will be needed to cover it. This is impossible to answer without the "shown" prism. You will need to re-ask the question including the dimensions of the prism, in which case you are really asking for its surface area; this can be calculated: Twice the area of the triangular ends plus the perimeter of the triangular ends times the distance between the ends: surface_area = base_of_end x height_of_end + perimeter_of_end x distance_between_ends (note: area of triangle is 1/2 base x height, but there are two of them so this becomes 2 x 1/2 x base x height = base x height).

How can the colors of the spectrum be shown in an experiment?

Shine a narrow light through a prism so that the light lands on a wall behind.

Explain the term 'what a pickle ' as shown in the last second para?

i think you mean ''what a silly pickle'' thats the one thats used more but it means you are funny or silly

Does a measuring cup measure in grams?

They usually measure in ml, cups and ounces, like the picture. These measures are all VOLUME. Grams is weight and cannot be shown in a volume c vessel

What is volumetric strain?

Volumetric strain of a deformed body is defined as the ratio of the change in volume of the body to the deformation to its original volume. If V is the original volum and dV the change in volume occurred due to the deformation, the volumetric strain ev induced is given by ev =dV/V Consider a uniform rectangular bar of length l, breadth b and depth d as shown in figure. Its volume V is given by, This means that volumetric strain of a deformed body is the sum of the linear strains in three mutually perpendicular directions.

Addition of vector by rectangular components?

Consider two vectors A and B Represented by directionel lines OM and ON respectivelynow add the two vectors by head to tail tail of vector addition now resolve it into rectangular components as shown in figure

Describe how spectrum can be shown using a prism?

Light is made of seven colors. This brand of seven colors is called a spectrum. A prism is a piece of transparent material bounded by two plane surfaces inclined at an angle. Take a prism and pass a narrow beam of sunlight through it. Place a sheet of white paper at a distance from it, then rotate the prism slowly until you see a band of spectrum on the white sheet.

What is the volume of the cube shown on the board?

It's the third power (cube) of the length of any edge.

What caused Newtonian physics to be abandoned?

Newtonian physics -- like any scientific paradigm -- was abandoned when it could no longer explain physical reality. Newton's theories on the nature of light was abandoned when it could not explain interference. His ideas of gravity were shown to be only an approximation when it was shown it could not explain the bending of star light near a large mass. And his basic ideas of space and time have also been shown to be not in accord with experiment.

How do you find the volume if only the mass is shown?

You can't. Volume is the space occupied by a substance or object. To find the volume from the mass, the density would have to be known. Density = Mass / Volume If you want to find any of the three, you need the other two.

Find the volume of a solid?

a base of a right solid whose height is 6 centementers shown. Find the volume. area is 28 cm and the height is 7cm

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