Explain the concept of policy switching?

This is not a short topic since the question itself is general but I'll get you started.

Policy switching can be used to define any sort of move to a different view than once was had. As with any decision or change in direction, there are benefits and disadvantages of policy switching. Most of the time it's done with great intentions but at times, external forces or long term effects are not taken into account. Over all I would say the term is expressed with negative connotation. The term "changing directions" is used more when trying to describe a positive process.

In a company, a policy switch might be moving to an e-mail ticketing system rather than calling a team directly.

In politics a policy switch typically is done out of political or monetary support pressures.

You could use the term to define how your family operates.

Example: "Our policy was that all the kids would be at home by 1:00AM. I'll change the policy and give everyone until 2:00AM tonight."