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social responsibility accounting is concern with modern approach of accounting which include to make accounting information useful to the society

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Social accounting (also known as social and environmental accounting, corporate social reporting, corporate social responsibility reporting, non-financial reporting, oraccounting) is the process of communicating the social and environmental effects of organizations' economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large.[1]Social accounting is commonly used in the context of business, or corporate social responsibility (CSR), although any organisation, including NGOs, charities, and government agencies may engage in social accounting.

Its a new phase to development of accounting and its birth to increase the social awareness. the social effects of business decisions in addition to the economic effects.

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Social Responsibility, when in context with business practices, is the concept that any organization (corporation, entity, LLC, etc) has a certain responsibility to the people, society, or nature which that business comes into contact with.

Difference between social accounting and social audit?

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the concept that business should emphasize not only profits but also the impact of its decisions on society

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Enterprise Theory is a broader concept than the entity theory, but less well defined in its scope and application. According to the enterprise theory, accounting may be thought of as a social theory of accounting, that is, the firm is considered to be a social institution operated for the benefit of many interested groups. From an accounting point of view, this would mean that the responsibility of proper reporting would not only extend to stockholders and creditors, but also to many other groups and the general public. This concept of the firm is most applicable to the large modern corporation that has been obliged to consider the effect of its actions on various groups and on society as a whole. (source:

Social responsibility advocates respond to this assertion by stating that legal rules set the minimum responsibility of a corporation. The corporation as to go above and beyond this minimum.

In social responsibility, it is your duties and responsibilities socially as a citizen. In social responsiveness, it is your response to a social matter.

The economic model of social responsibility is in line with the traditional concept of business. It holds that society will earn most if business is left alone to produce products that society needs and make profits. The socioeconomic model of social responsibility holds that business is a part of the society therefore it can not ignore the problems that it causes. The socioeconomic model focus not only in profits but also in the impact of business decisions in society.

Financial Accounting Cost Accounting Management Accounting Social Accounting Forensic Accounting Fund Accounting Governmental Accounting Resource Consumption Accounting Project Accounting

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Social responsibility, consumer orientation, the intergration of all business activites, long-term maximisation of profitability and price skimming.

1. Financial Accounting 2. Cost Accounting 3. Management Accounting 4. Social Accounting 5. Human Resource Accounting 6. National Accounting

Ethics is good for you. Social Responsibility is good for everybody.

"The only social responsibility of a company is to deliver profit to its shareholders".

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility was created in 1981.

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