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primary, secondary and tertiary

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What factors affect the location of different types of economic activities?

The location of natural Resources and energy will affect the various types of economic activities that come with access to said resources.

Which are the 4 types of non-economic activities?

social activities religious activities political activities parental activities

What are 4 types of economic activities?

The 4 types arePrimarySecondaryTertiaryQuaternary

Explain characteristics of different types of organsational structures in management function and behavior?

Explain different types of ability

What are the two types of economic activities in Latin America?

Tourism and agriculture

What types of economic activities are important to Halifax?

ughh some one answer this

What are the four types of economic systems?

The four types of economic systems are mixed, traditional, market and command. The economic systems evolves as different societies places different emphasis on different goals.

What are the different types of computing and explain them?

explain various categories of computing environment

Describe the most common types of economic activities found in the united state?

There is a few common factors that the economic activities that are found in the United States. Some of the common factors are money and transportation.

Explain the different types of constants n variables in C?

explain loop structrunes

What is data model explain different types of data model?

Explain data model?

Why are economic systems needed?

Economic systems are needed to help control the power in the people and the government. Thus for different countries with different powers relates to the different types of economic systems.

Explain characteristics of different types of organsational structures in management function and behaviour?

Answers for explain the different characteristics a business

What are promotional activities?

Promotional activities are activities that helps your products or brand become visible to the market. Promotional activities has different types depending on your company's need.

Explain different types of Interactive Multimedia Application?

Different type of statistic?

Explain the 2 types of statistics

Explain different types of inheritance of object oriented programming?

== ==

Different types of therapies used in psychiatric patient?

psychiatric activities

What are the types of vegetation in Ghana?

Ghana vegetation is about the different farming activities

What physical and economic might help explain why Paraguay has one of the most poorest economies in Latin America?

The following factors explain why: - loosely defined cultural region - only a couple natural resources - stronger government of different types

What are different data communication codes?

what is the different types of communication codes explain with details

Are there different types of gymnastics in UK?

Yes. As with other countries there are various types of gymnastic activities in the UK.

What are the three different types of architecture?

The 3 different types of architecture are as a process, proffesion and a documentation. Go on to wikipedia, that will explain them more =]

Explain the different types of insurance for cars?

there are 5 insurances in ontario.

Explain different types of trainings system?

not liable yet lol