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Explain the liability for damages one by pilot to the ship and to third party?

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December 07, 2007 2:55PM

Ship Pilot Liability........ Pilot liability and immunity is a

very broad complex. They have very strong ties to political allies

due to the money they give their respective State Reps. They have a

very broad sense of "indemnity" up to a certain unchallenged limit.

"Unchallenged limit" within this meaning is what is going on in

Houston, Tx. right now. A State Commissioned Pilot is being

investigated on crack cocaine sale and use......individuals have

talked......the entire City Council and Port Officials are keenly

aware and desperatly trying to NOT ALLOW the Feds to investigate

it. This story will be in the news soon. Interesting note.....if

our Federal goc. will sue a pilot for hitting a you

think they will at least look into a reported case of crack cocaine

use and sale by one here in Texas........before something major

happens here?

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