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Q: Explain the major functions of a quality costing system?
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What are the Functions of information system?

explain the functions of marketing information system?

What are the functions of marketing information system?

explain the functions of marketing information system?

Functions of database manager in Database management system. explain the functions with example.?

functions of DBA in DBMS

Explain the functions of the price system in the economy?

functions and roles of price in our economy in tanzania

Why do you need product costing system?

needs of product costing system

Explain the functions of the organs in the circulatory system.?

the hear tmakes itmove

What has the author Gar Ming Wan written?

Gar Ming Wan has written: 'Setting up a quality costing system'

What is another name for absorption costing?

Full costing system

Explain the functions of cartilage in your skeletal system?

i don't know. please help me

If you were a candy manufacturer which costing system should you use full absorption costing or variable costing?

full absorption costing

What is a responsibility costing system?

responsibility costing is a costing which enable us to know which department is responsible for what

What are the main features of standard costing system?

features of standard costing

How does an actual costing system different from a normal costing system?

actual is the actual cost, normal is estimating

When is a job order costing system more appropriate than a process costing system?

Job order costing is more appropriate than process costing when the product being produced is a custom product

What are the benefit's and limitations of job order costing and process costing system?

to undersrand

Which is the best costing system for Automobile Industry?

process costin and target costing

When job order costing system would be more appropriate than process costing system?

A job order costing system would be more appropriate than a process costing system for manufacturers who use different types of goods throughout the manufacturing process. Process costing is best to you when manufacturing a large amount of the same items.

Explain construction quality assurance by PDSA cycle?

The quality assurance by PDSA cycle ensures that quality control, quality management system and construction process is maintained.

Explain the functions of a command driven interface?

A command driven interface functions as a user's interface to the operating system of a computer. The user types in a command and then receives a response from the system.

What are the differences between activity-based absorption costing system and traditional absorption costing system?

An activity-based absorption costing system defines the cost by how many activities a product unit uses. A traditional absorption costing system defines the cost by how much money went into making the product unit.

Explain why overcosting and undercosting product occur with treditonal costing system?

Over costing and under costing of products occurs because it uses a single cost pool for all of the indirect costs. Amounts are estimated because they are determined at the beginning of the accounting period before actual amounts are known.

What is process costing system?

placing coats

Draw and label the component of a simple computer system and explain their functions?

monitor modem speakers and keyboard

What are advantages of traditional costing system?

It is easy to use.

What is full costing?

A full costing system its the one that includes the sum of all variable and fixed costs in all business functions of the value chain (R&D, design, production, marketing, distribution and costumer service) Cost Accounting, 12th Edition Prentice-Hall