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Explain the symmetry of greek architecture?


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symmetry was always existing but given a thought later


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balance & symmetry.ordered in marble.

Greek civilisation was not influenced by Greek architecture. Greek architecture was a product of Greek civilisation

no, not all Greek architecture has columns

explain DRAM architecture with block diagram?

The Greek and Roman architecture featured monumental styles.

We see examples of Greek architecture today is the Parthenon. A Greek temple.

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the greek art and architecture expressed greek ideas of beauty and harmony.

The three orders of Greek architecture are Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

in architecture and letters animals

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Greek architecture influenced local architecture in a few ways. This is because the Greeks started to use arches and a different way of building.

Greek art glorified and idealized the human form. Greek architecture had a very distinctive style.

They copied the Greek styles, eg the columns were Ionian, Corinthian and Dorian.

grasshoppers have bilateral symmetry because if you cut the grasshopper in half it will be equal.bilateral symmetry

In two ways. (1) Directly: In certain periods, such as the "Greek Revival" (1820s, I believe), Greek architecture was directly imitated. (2) Indirectly - Greek architecture influenced Roman architecture, which influenced Renaissance architecture (apx 16th c.) and neo-Classical architecture (17-18th c.) in Europe, which had a world-wide influence. As in literature, philosophy, math, science, and so many areas, Greek civilization provides the basis of what comes afterward.

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egyptian achitecture has been described as an ''Architecture of permanance'' whereas Greek ''Architecture of exellence'' discuss this statement using specific building example?

You can see examples of Greek architecture today like the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court building. Here are 3 of the columns used in Greek architecture: doric, ionic, and corinthian.

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